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Welcome Parents to Back to School Night! Mrs. Beth Knowlton 610-359-4237.

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1 Welcome Parents to Back to School Night! Mrs. Beth Knowlton 610-359-4237

2 Background Information I teach Algebra I, Trig/Stat and PreCalculus! I live in West Chester with my husband, and three children. Two of my children attend Penn State University, and the youngest is in 8 th grade. I am a CFF teacher, which gives our classroom laptops! Yeah!

3 Purpose The purpose of this presentation is to provide both parents and students with important information needed for the year. This presentation will be available on edline. Please feel free to email me with any concerns.

4 Goals for Math Students The goals for the year include student success with the math material, successful use of technology, application problems understood, successful group learning, and individual growth of the student! I look forward to teaching and learning with your children!

5 Grades Grades consists of quizzes, tests, homework, projects, activities, web investigations, class work, and group participation.

6 Help class Help classes are available on Tuesday and Thursday after school, and on Wednesday morning. Please encourage your child to attend help classes! Help class Good grades homework

7 Edline Edline is our schools web page for information and grades. I will send grades to edline after every test/quiz. Notes are available for each chapter to print or view. (power point, flip charts, word) You can even email me through edline. Web sites are listed on the right side of the web site that can be visited for additional help.

8 The flip charts require a promethean flipchart viewer, that can be Downloaded off the links on the edline home page:

9 Algebra!

10 Calculator!! Every student is required to bring a TI-83 or TI-84! Students will use the calculator throughout the year. Some skills used- graphing, lines of best fit, statistics functions, fractions, quadratic formula, finding intersections, matrices and probability!

11 To Be Successful in Math Class Regular attendance in class Take complete notes and keep a neat notebook Read over notes before doing homework (STUDY) Complete homework daily Ask questions in class Attend help class if needed STUDY for quizzes and tests Learn to use your calculator effectively

12 Parents Can Help Parents you can help in many ways- check their grades on edline, check that they are doing their homework, encourage help class, email me with concerns, and encourage your child to get involved in school. MNHS is also looking for your help in the PTO! Please Join

13 Web sites: Web sites provide an opportunity to interact with our graphs. Here are a few exceptional ones sine.htm sine.htm tml tml n.html n.html

14 Sites for home use: try these! / / on.html on.html polynomial2.htm polynomial2.htm

15 Thank You Thank you so much for coming this evening, please check edline often for grades, test/quiz dates, and messages from me! I look forward to a wonderful year with your children!

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