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CULTURE The body of learned behaviors common to a given human society.

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1 CULTURE The body of learned behaviors common to a given human society.
It includes all of the artifacts, symbols, language, values and norms that make up the social environment of human life.

2 CULTURE All cultures have the same drives:
food, water and sleep Have many of the same activities: raising crops or herding animals Major Difference: each develops its own answers to the same problems. Cultural Variation

3 CULTURE Cause of Cultural Variation
Geography: climate, topography (land elevation), and resources have a tremendous impact Ex. Arctic vs. tropic Discovery: finding some element or principle not previously known. Ex. Fire Invention: Finding of some known elements or principles into some form not previously used. Ex. Telegraph, Telephone, Cell Phone

4 CULTURE Isolation: The absence of interaction with others.
Ex. Tribal societies today Values: Those things which are considered important and good in a particular society. Ex. Being on time, respect of all people

5 Culture Norms: Folkways:
Shared rules of behavior particular to a certain group Formal: school rules that include sanctions Informal: unwritten standards of behavior Folkways: Etiquette and customs of a people that are not of critical importance to the society. May not apply to all segments of society. Holidays Family tradition Religion

6 Culture Mores: Rules of behavior that are very important to a particular culture whose violation would endanger its basic stability. No legal consequence Could create social outcast Laws: Norms established and enforced by the local, state and/or federal government

7 Culture Values: Collective idea of what is right or wrong, good or bad, desirable or undesirable in a particular culture. Usually referred to in pairs Brave / Cowardly Hardworking / lazy *A Process of Evaluation Who evaluates???

8 CULTURE Two types of Culture: Material Culture:
Begins as raw materials or resources Transformed into usable items Clothing, phones, computers, cars

9 CULTURE Nonmaterial Culture:
The abstract or intangible human creations of society that influence people’s behavior. Language, beliefs, values, rules of behavior, family patterns, political systems. What is acceptable and right to the majority of people in a given society

10 CULTURE As a society, are we more concerned with material or nonmaterial culture? Give examples to support your belief

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