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Researching violence and Human Security Categories-severity-spaces.

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1 Researching violence and Human Security Categories-severity-spaces

2 Violence as a proxy for human (insecurity) HS – fundamental characteristics: 1.About individuals/groups and their lived experiences ---- violence impacts directly on people 2.Security and violence socially constituted –look at social relationships [negative and positive] 3.HS about components of threats – multiple and interconnected ---physical safety +material privations; oppression and conflict + dignity, health, environment etc; violence = pluralism of threats 4.HS versus HR or Human Development --- downside risks, vulnerability, sudden disruption and concept of intolerability ----threshold definition + severity criteria 5.HS about emancipation and empowerment

3 Insecurity...but not inaction HS about managing consequences of violence and understanding the dynamics of those individual strategies People who are suffering from, or threatened by, violence, develop coping strategies They are confronted with numerous dilemmas in seeking to protect themselves Violence links to project themes of peace, reconciliation and good governance -symptom of a society which is insecure undermines the rule of law destroys cohesion and community increases social exclusion denies opportunity and limits possibility

4 Approaching violence from a HS perspective Categorise violence – by severity and thresholds Category 1= life threatening; physical injury Violence as an event Category 2= structural [latent, embedded]; by Violence as process Category 3= Violations of dignity; symbolic violence Violence as a permanence/status

5 Violence and HS threats Categorise by components – Freedom from fear issues beatings, lynchings, armed aggression, persecution, psychological oppression; insecure neighbourhoods; access to justice; environmental hazards – Freedom from want Impeded in making a living, have safe housing, access to health, safe environment – Right to dignity Violation of cultural rights and heritage; language, education; ethnic discrimination ;freedoms of association and movement How are they connected ?

6 Spaces and Security Violence occurs somewhere Human Security spatial and context-driven – components and severity of threat depend on each location What are the key spaces of insecurity and violence Does the nature of violence – and its severity –depend on its location?

7 Workplace Violence Forms/severity ↓ PublicPrivate Cat 1: physical/directBeatings Accidents Beatings accidents Cat 2: Material/structural Unsafe conditions Discrimination Urban slavery Unsafe conditions Lack of access to jobs Cat 3 Dignity Cultural/symbolic Marginalisation Lack of protection

8 Youth violence Forms/Category ↓ PublicPrivate Category 1 Direct Physical Street beatings Gun violence Trafficking School violence Domestic violence against women Category 2 Structural Material TraffickingInternet Social networks Category 3 Cultural Dignity DiscriminationLGBT

9 Forced Displacement Forms /severity ↓ PublicPrivate Category 1 Direct/ Physical Organised crime Ethnic tension Organised crime Category 2 Material Structural Urban slavery Urbanisation Uneven development Slums Urban slavery Insecure housing Category 3 Cultural Dignity Destruction of communitiesGhettos

10 ADDING ANOTHER DIMENSION : Dialectic and dynamics of violence ----HS as emancipation and empowerment Problems, but also responses Where to look for ways of mitigating violence Strategies --- individual, group, national, regional Opportunities -- if violence shuts down normal life, how can it be re-opened Research to focus on the counterforce to violence and social exclusion

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