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Engi 1504 – Graphics Lecture 8: Special Topic 1

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1 Engi 1504 – Graphics Lecture 8: Special Topic 1
Presenting technical information

2 Presenting Technical Information
Engineers: Solve problems Communicate the solution to others Your writing should be: Possible to understand Impossible to misunderstand

3 The 5 C’s Clear – make sure it is understood Concise – not too wordy
Correct – spelling, grammar, names, etc Concrete – specific statements Courteous – polite (e.g. )

4 The Writing Process Careful planning Multiple revisions
Don’t start the night before Multiple revisions Remember – your name is on it

5 Tips for Everyone Identify your objective Prepare an outline
Identify your audience Prepare a 1st draft Edit Review

6 Tips for Everyone cont. Identify your objective
Write a clear, precise statement of your reasons for writing Read it from time to time to stay focused Keep in mind: “What must the reader know?”

7 Tips for Everyone cont. Identify your audience
Reports are meant to be read Identify the background of your reader

8 Tips for Everyone cont. Prepare a 1st draft
Get your ideas on paper (don’t worry about the finished work) Use outline, write short, concise paragraphs Use grammar and spell checker (carefully) to clean it up Print a copy, put it aside until the next day

9 Tips for Everyone cont. Edit Next day read 1st draft
Helps to read aloud Edit your work for flow, extra words, slang, idioms, gender specific language, spelling and grammar

10 Edit cont. Flow Extra words Edit it so one idea flows into the next
Each paragraph expresses one idea Extra words Remove redundant words Can shorten 1st draft Make every word count. If you can say it in five, don’t use ten. Don’t waste the time of the reader

11 Edit cont. Slang and idioms Gender inclusive language
Slang: “It took a lot of guts to ask his boss for a raise ” Idiom: “keep an eye on the ball” Engineers work in a global environment so avoid colloquialisms Gender inclusive language He, she, etc. Use they, engineers, etc.

12 Edit cont. Spelling and grammar
Poor spelling distracts the reader from your message Implies poor quality work Don’t rely on spelling and grammar checker (Wood ewe due this?)

13 General Proofreading Tips
Spelling Check for spelling errors, repeated words, names of people and places Grammar Avoid switching between present and past tense Check for complete sentences

14 General Proofreading Tips
Page layout Check all figures Check column and paragraph spacing All pages should have same format Consistency Check that headings of the same level use same format Check headers and footers No pages missing!

15 General Proofreading Tips
Graphics Reference all graphics in the body of the text Check captions

16 Engineering Formal Report
Main Sections Cover Title page Abstract or summary Table of contents Table of figures Table of Tables

17 Engineering Formal Report cont.
Nomenclature Introduction Discussion Conclusions Recommendations Appendices References

18 Engineering Formal Report cont.
Abstract or Summary A report in miniature An accurate summary of topic, important results, and conclusions Brief and concise. Reader must understand key elements Write it last

19 Engineering Formal Report cont.
Introduction Provide the reader with all the background necessary to properly read the report Introduce the subject, state why the report is being written, along with any limitations

20 Engineering Formal Report cont.
Introduction has three main components Background Purpose (what the report hopes to achieve), who authorized it, etc) Scope (limitations imposed on the report and who imposed them, cost, time, extent of study, factors omitted)

21 Engineering Formal Report cont.
Discussion (body of report) All information presented in an organised, logical manner Not called discussion! Should have a relevant name Conclusions Based only on material in report Each conclusion in a separate paragraph

22 Engineering Formal Report cont.
Recommendations Follow logically from conclusions Appendices Referenced in report Supplementary material such as calculations, physical properties, etc.

23 Break Time Take 5 minute break

24 Technical Presentations
The Presentation Formula The 4 P’s Slide Rules of Thumb MS PowerPoint Commands

25 The Presentation Formula
Tell them what you’re going to tell them. Tell them. Tell them what you told them

26 The 4 P’s Plan Prepare Practice Present

27 Plan Know your audience Define the purpose of your presentation
Inform? Persuade? Motivate? Teach? Plan the content of your presentation around: your purpose audience's level of understanding (and interest). Use words and phrases common to your audience, and focus on your purpose.

28 Prepare Center on a message with key points that you can back up with evidence Prepare an attention-getting opening (5 to 10 % of presentation) An audience can only remember 4 to 6 different points (85% of presentation) Close by summarizing or restating the message

29 Practice Is your message clear?
Does your evidence support your key points? Are your graphics and illustrations clear, appealing, and relevant to the topic? Is your close memorable?

30 Practice Did you achieve your intended results?
Rehearse multiple times Choose the techniques that you are most comfortable with Rehearse the timing of your presentation

31 Present Make a positive first impression.
Establish eye contact with your audience. Be yourself and relax. Slow down and emphasize important points

32 Slide Rules of Thumb Keep titles short One message per slide
Six lines or less Not too busy – colors, visuals, effects

33 Text Guidelines Don’t mix fonts Sans serif – better than serif
Large enough for easy viewing Color contrast with background

34 Charts, Graphs, Figures Used to reduce textual information
Visible to whole audience Choose colors for contrast Communicate!

35 Class Assignment In a group of 3-4 people, prepare and present a short 5 minute presentation on anything. Each group member must present! Time limits will be strictly enforced, so be prepared Can be on any topic you wish, provided it is not offensive to anyone Have a bit of fun

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