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European Women ’ s Lobby Lobby Europ é en Des Femmes.

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2 European Women ’ s Lobby Lobby Europ é en Des Femmes

3 European Women’s Lobby KIRSTI KOLTHOFF President

4 The EWL Mission To ensure gender equality in the EU To promote the empowerment of all women To strengthen women’s social and economic rights To combat all forms of violence against women and to ensure women’s human rights To support women’s diversity

5 The EWL Mission To ensure gender equality in the EU To promote the empowerment of all women To strengthen women’s social and economic rights To combat all forms of violence against women and to ensure women’s human rights To support women’s diversity

6 EWL Member organisations in Europe National Co-ordinations of women’s NGOs European Member organisations EWL General Assembly (100 delegates) EWL Board of Administration (32 elected members) EWL Executive Committee 1 President, 3 Vice Pres., 1 Treasurer EWL Structure EWL Secretariat (Brussels) EWL Secretary General EWL staff

7 EWL Member organisations EWL Board members EWL Executive Committee EWL Secretariat (Brussels) European Parliament (Women‘s Rights‘ Committee) European Commission (DG: Employment and Social Affairs) 'The Council' European Women‘s Lobby (EWL) EU Institutions which EWL regularly works

8 ROAD MAP FOR GENDER EQUALITY IN EUROPE 2006 - 2010 Gender equality is not only a matter of social justice it is an issue of democracy. New challenges require innovative answers – it is the duty of public authorities to ensure the unconditional equality between women and men.

9 What is the Road Map? EWL Process for Road Map Commission Process for Road Map Common Themes Different Actions Women in Decision Making (example)Women in Decision Making Violence against Women (example)Violence against Women Follow Up Back

10 ROAD MAP A Common Vision Builts on the Framework Strategy for Equality between women and men (2001-2005) Recognises that gender inequalities persist: access to resources, rights and power are unequally distributed; inequalities impact more on women who find themselves having to choose between having children or a career. Recognises the necessity of a dual approach: gender mainstreaming AND specific measures Aims to ensure that women and men avail of the same opportunities, rights and responsibilities in all areas of life Back

11 EWL PROCESS FOR ROAD MAP 2004 - agreed at EWL annual General Assembly to lobby for a new Framework Strategy March 8 2005 – presented idea for Road Map to the Group of Commissioners on Fundamental Rights, Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunities April-May 2005 – consulted EWL member organisations on content for Road Map June 2005 – submitted first text to member organisations inviting amendments October 2005 – amendments to text discussed at EWL General Assembly – final text adopted October 2005 - presented text as a model for the official text of the Commission Back

12 COMMISSION PROCESS FOR ROAD MAP Early 2005: - initial drafting in Equality Unit, Directorate of Employment and Social Affairs Consultation with all Directorate Generals for input into text Consultation with College of Commissioners Final adoption by College 1 March 2006: Communication from the Commission 8 March 2006 – formal presentation of Road Map as « the Commission’s commitment to driving the gender agenda forward, reinforcing partnership with MS and other actors » Back

13 COMMON THEMES Back EWL priority areas: 1.Institutional mechanisms (Governance) 2. Economic and Social Justice for women 3. Parity democracy 4.Violence against women -women’s human rights 5.Advancing women’s rights in international context 6. Eliminate patriarchal gender roles and stereotypes Commission priority areas: 1.Economic independence 2. Reconciliation private and professional life 3.Equal representation in decision- making 4.Gender-based violence – trafficking 5. Eliminate gender stereotypes in society 6. Promoting gender equality outside the EU 7. Governance

14 DIFFERENT ACTIONS Commission proposed actions: Define a new composite Gender Equality Index Use of Structural Funds to support achievements of Barcelona targets on child care and other care facilities 2007 – Communication on the gender pay gap Monitor gender mainstreaming: 2010 European Year of Combating Exclusion - Poverty 2006 – Communication on demography addressing reconciliation of family- professional life Update in health policies the gender dimension in health Back EWL proposed actions: Create a Directorate on equality within Commission Develop Action Plan – EU macro- economic policies use to increase investment in public services (care) Specific gender equality targets to eliminate pay gap Strategic gender equality objectives to combat poverty-social exclusion Revise Directive on Parental leave to ensure longer and paid leave shared between both parents EU gender equality objectives in health

15 WOMEN IN DECISION-MAKING EWL proposals Binding texts to ensure equal representation in all institutions Set 50% target for women in Committees and Expert Groups Develop mentoring programmes and confidence building, leadership for women in European civil service Provide resources for women candidates and support campaigns in favour of women in view of 2009 European elections Commission proposals Highlights women’s participation in politics, economics, science and technology Proposes to promote gender mainstreaming in: 7 th Framework Programme (research), Education and Training (2010), Citizen’s for Europe Programme Establish EU network of women in economic and political decision- making Awareness raising activities in view of 2009 European elections Back

16 VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN EWL PROPOSALS Legal base in EU structure Directive on VAW European Action Plan on VAW European Monitoring Centre Revision of Directive that curtails victims of trafficking right to reside and to work Address the demand side of the purchase of sexual ‘services’ Support networking of women’s organisations and NGOs COMMISSION PROPOSALS 2006 – Communication on establishment of system for comparable statistics on crime, victims and criminal justice Support Member States and NGOs in work on VAW, promote networking, exchange, research, programmes victims and perpetrators, encouragement for national action plans. Follow-up Communication on trafficking – promote use of Structural Funds for integration measures Back

17 FOLLOW UP Road Map – gender equality tool or tool to gender mainstream into existing policies? 2008 – report on the state of implementation 2010 – evaluation of the Roadmap includes indicators for monitoring progress Back


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