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The Digital Agenda for Europe Interoperability and Standards

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1 The Digital Agenda for Europe Interoperability and Standards
Joint ITU-WHO Workshop on eHealth Standards and Interoperability Geneva, April, 2012 The Digital Agenda for Europe Interoperability and Standards Gisele Roesems European Commission – DG INFSO ICT for Health Unit

2 The 7 pillars of the Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE)
Vibrant Single Market Trust and security Interoperability and standards Fast and Ultra fast internet access R&D Digital Literacy, inclusions eSkills Societal challenges (public services, health, environment) EC DG INFSO - ICT for Health

3 DAE – Standardisation and eID
Action 21: Propose legislation on ICT interoperability As part of the review of EU standardisation policy, propose legal measures on ICT interoperability to reform the rules on implementation of ICT standards in Europe. Action 24: Adopt a European Interoperability Strategy and Framework Promote interoperability by adopting in 2010 a European Interoperability Strategy and European Interoperability Framework Action 77: Foster EU-wide standards, interoperability testing and certification of eHealth systems by 2015 through stakeholder dialogue Action 83: Propose a Council and Parliament Decision on mutual recognition of e-ID EC DG INFSO - ICT for Health

4 Policy Context for EU eHealth Interoperability
Recommendation on cross-border interoperability of electronic health record systems Communication on a strategic vision for European standards Communication on Quality Criteria for Health related Websites Communication on e-Health - making healthcare better for European citizens: An action plan for a European e-Health Area eHealth Standardisation Mandate 403 Communication on telemedicine for the benefit of patients, healthcare systems and society Council Conclusions on Safe and efficient healthcare through eHealth Directive on the application of patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare Communication on interoperability for European public services Communication on a Digital Agenda for Europe Communication on European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing eHealth Action Plan (eHAP) Article 29 Working Party 4 EC DG INFSO - ICT for Health

5 eHealth Governance Initiative and eHealth Network play an important role
Decision Making eHealth Network of MS Art. 14 Directive on Patients Rights (2011) Production Joint Action + Thematic Network eHealth Governance Initiative SemanticHealthNet project eHealth EIF project CALLIOPE Network Interoperability Roadmap HITCH project epSOS project (Patient summary / ePrescription) STORK project (eIdentification within eHealth domain) SmartPersonalHealth project eHR QTN project 5 EC DG INFSO - ICT for Health

6 Current projects epSOS European Patient Smart Open Services (23 participating countries) To deploy concrete cross border services for citizens travelling across Europe: Patient Summary for EU Citizens ePrescribing for EU Citizens Status: Entered in operational mode in 7 MS recently eHR QTN Thematic Network on Quality and Certification of EHR systems Promotion of certification (in 27MS) Validation of EuroRec functional statements, certification tools and procedures EC DG INFSO - ICT for Health

7 epSOS contributions to standards
epSOS selected and influenced international standards: IHE, OASIS, HL7 With the successful IHE connect-a-thons in Bratislava and Pisa, epSOS proved being implementable and is now operational for general public The project is working together with a new born OASIS TC in order to find feasible, real-world, and secure solutions to the 112 use case It provided the e-Health international community with a new profile, the Cross Community Fetch (XCF) It is reality-checking several European engagements for the fitness of use in the e-Health “wild”: NSL/TSL, eSignature, x-border recognition Results are already being reused and epSOS is extensively extended by national engagements: portals, system integration, security extension 7 EC DG INFSO - ICT for Health

8 eHR Qtn Recommendations: cross-border
Strengthen national certification in order to improve average quality and to enable in a second step the Trans-European harmonisation, improving comparability and portability of content.  Promote equivalence of certificates across Europe by validating at European level both the functional descriptive statements of EuroRec and the IHE profiles.  Consider the possibility to create a cross-border “Register of Quality Labelled or Certified Clinical Software”, offering information about the products (complete EHR systems as well a software modules) and documentation about the certification process. Brussels, March 30, 2012 8 EC DG INFSO - ICT for Health 8

9 SemanticHealthNet Framework Program 7 Call 7: A Network of Excellence on semantic interoperability and European Health Infostructure Engage leaders and organisations to define and implement a research agenda on semantic interoperability European and international organizations in Medical terminology Record architecture Medical logic and workflow EC DG INFSO - ICT for Health

10 CIP Call 6 Objective 3.6: Adoption and taking up of standards and profiles for eHealth interoperability Funding Instrument: Thematic Network – 1 M€ Drive adoption of interoperability standards and specifications at European level; Drive adoption of eHealth Interoperability Testing Guidelines. Drive closure of key gaps in interoperability testing tools. Drive adoption of a two-level labelling and certification process (European level and national/project level) Ensure that all necessary phases to attain eHealth interoperability shall be taken into account and addressed properly. Propose and implement solutions or process improvement to address barriers to standards adoption (as described in eHealth-Interop report as a result of M403 phase I). Include relevant organisations and consortia recognised by the market or by regulation and having demonstrated, well established and several years experience in standards or specifications development, testing or quality labelling. EC DG INFSO - ICT for Health

11 Thank you ! Digital Agenda for Europe ICT for Health Hitch Roadmap EIP On active and healthy ageing epSOS SemanticHealthNet eHR Qtn EC DG INFSO - ICT for Health 11

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