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Blastoff to... The Planets.

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1 Blastoff to... The Planets

2 What to Expect: Blastoff! 10 6 8 1 7 4 3 9 5 2
This computer program will guide you to internet sites that will give you a tour of the eight planets in our solar system. Keep an eye out for pictures, symbols, descriptions, and interesting facts about each planet. 10 6 8 1 7 4 Blastoff! 3 9 5 2

3 Mercury As you may know, Mercury is the closest
planet to the sun. See what else you can find out about this special planet: About Mercury Mercury Pictures

4 Venus Venus is the second planet from the sun and is about the same size as Earth. Check it out: Venus facts and pictures Special features

5 Earth You should be familiar with the third planet from the sun. You live on it! As a matter of fact, Earth is the only planet with proven life. About Earth – learn all about our planet Earth facts

6 Mars This Red Planet is fourth from the sun.
Mars Meteorites -Did you know that pieces of Mars have fallen to Earth? Mars Facts and Photos

7 Jupiter The biggest planet in our solar system, Jupiter is fifth from the sun. Pictures, including one of The Great Red Spot Jupiter facts from NASA

8 Saturn Known for its many rings, Saturn is sixth from the sun.
Saturn facts Saturn pictures - Click on a picture to get a better look.

9 Uranus Uranus, the seventh planet from the sun, is tipped on its side and has an interesting blue-green color. See if you can find out why. Uranus facts Uranus has a twin

10 Neptune Eighth from the sun is Neptune. This chilly planet has rings and “The Great Dark Spot”. Neptune Notes Pictures of Neptune

11 Pluto Pluto is the only planet not yet visited by a spacecraft. Then again, as of 2006, officially Pluto isn’t even a planet at all. It is usually ninth from the sun, but not always. What is up with Pluto? Pluto facts Pluto mysteries Pluto quiz

12 Good! Check these out! Still Curious? Planet Names and Discoverers.
Solar System Simulator Solar System Quiz Your weight and age on other planets Explore the solar system – Make sure you click “next” inside the blue box to see the picture change. Good! Check these out!

13 Mission Accomplished Congratulations! You’re mission to learn more about the eight planets in our solar system is complete. Good work and welcome home!

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