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Commissioning Intentions for 2015/16 Paul Sinden, Director of Commissioning.

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1 Commissioning Intentions for 2015/16 Paul Sinden, Director of Commissioning

2 Content: A summary of 2014/15 Priorities for 2015/16

3 Our aims and achievements To make sure every child has the best start in life What we’ve done: Set up clinics to help children with asthma, allergies, constipation and reflux, epilepsy and eczema Introduced young trainers to help their peers adopt healthy lifestyles Brought in specialist community nurses to work in GP surgeries Invested over £1 million in services for children Provided fitness equipment for schools and community groups

4 Our aims and achievements To prevent and manage long term conditions and reduce health inequalities What we’ve done: Worked with patients to find out their views on care Trained ‘navigators’ to guide patients through Islington’s health network Invested £250,000 in Whittington Health NHS Trust to develop the expert patients programme Worked with providers to link up hospital, community and social care services Helped 87% of people feel confident about taking care of their own health Helped 85% of people with long-term conditions feel involved in making decisions about their care

5 Mortality in Islington – Key milestones 1999 Stop smoking Commissioned service 2007 Public space smoking legislation 2007 Physical activity strategy 2009 Exercise on referral service & adult weight management 2009 NHS health checks begin 2010 COPD LCS 2011 Prohibition of tobacco display smoking legislation

6 Our aims and achievements To improve mental health and wellbeing What we’ve done: Worked with the Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust to help identify potential mental-health problems as early as possible Encouraged the Trust, local GPs and pharmacists to co-ordinate services and give mental health and wellbeing the same priority as physical health Invested £2.4 million to help people access counselling or similar services Worked with local partners to help people with mental-health problems find work Diagnosed more people with dementia (per person in the population) than anywhere else in the country

7 Where the money goes During 2013/2014: We spent a total of £306.3 million We had £7.4 million left over This is how we spent the money:

8 How we plan to achieve our goals We plan to keep improving the health and wellbeing of the people of Islington by doing the following: Finding new ways of working Providing value for money Working together We’re proud of what we’ve achieved in our first year and we look forward to working with our partners and the people of Islington to improve the health and wellbeing of all our residents in the years ahead.

9 The Next Five Years Focus and prevention Work with people to design new services Improve access and quality in primary care GP practice the centre of joined up health and social care Manage care better by planning ahead have having a single point of contact Help people to manage their own care

10 Islington CCG and Council are working together with local health providers and the voluntary sector to deliver ‘joined-up’, co-ordinated and patient centred care, even if this care is provided by several different organisations. Islington’s Integrated Care Programme is one of just 14 sites in England to have been granted Pioneer status, demonstrating a national confidence in our approach. Together, we are working to bring healthcare and social care closer together and to make life easier for patients. Integrated Care in Islington

11 Primary Care Co-Commissioning Current arrangements: NHS England Hold the core contract Includes Premises Performance Practice opening/closure Enhanced Services QOF CCG’s Commission additional services (LCS) Responsible for improving quality Public and patient engagement

12 Accessible Care Better access primary care professionals, at a time and through a method that’s convenient and with a professional of choice. Coordinated Care Greater continuity of care between NHS and other health services, named clinicians, and more time with patients who need it. Proactive Care More health prevention by working in partnerships to reduce morbidity, premature mortality, health inequalities, and the future burden of disease in the capital. Treating the causes, not just the symptoms. In order to ensure high quality care for all patients in London, a new specification (patient offer) is being developed based on the areas which patients and clinicians have told us is most important: Vision for primary co commissioning in London

13 Commissioning Intentions for 2015/16 Some of our key priorities for 2015/16, as a stepping stone to our Five Year Plan are: Development of locality based services across primary care, community services, social care, and mental health services.  To provide more joined up care for people with complex needs  To improve the health and wellbeing of the broader population Linking IT systems across organisations to allow information flows to replicate patient flows, and to develop a Person Held Record (PHR). This is called Interoperability. Care closer to home with community clinics for gynaecology, dermatology, ophthalmology, Developing our model for urgent care services including how to better align NHS 111and GP out-of- hours services Ensure we meet new legislation including Social Care Act; Special Education Needs (SEN) reforms Systems resilience – delivering NHS Constitution measures for A&E and waiting times for surgery Co-commissioning of primary care with NHS England

14 Question time What are your priorities for the CCG in 2015/16? Where do you think the biggest need and greatest gaps are? Is there anything working particularly well this year? Is there anything which you think has not worked within services this year?

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