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THIS IS With Host... Your 1000100 200 300 400 500 Insurance More Insurance This & That Stuff More Stuff Mixed Bag.

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4 With Host... Your

5 1000100 200 300 400 500 Insurance More Insurance This & That Stuff More Stuff Mixed Bag

6 A 100 The reduction in the value of property as it gets older.

7 A 100 What is depreciation?

8 A 200 An amendment to an individual policy that reflects any changes to the standard policy.

9 A 200 What is an endorsement?

10 A 300 A request to cover losses from a specific event.

11 A 300 What is a claim?

12 A 400 Protection against a specific kind of loss.

13 A 400 What is coverage?

14 A 500 A rating that summarizes an individual’s credit history and likelihood of paying back loans, qualifying them for better insurance rates.

15 A 500 What is a credit score?

16 B 100 The principle of minimizing risk of financial loss by spreading the expense of paying out claims over many customers over a period of many years.

17 B 100 What is the law of large numbers?

18 B 200 An insurer’s determination that an individual meets the company’s criteria to be insured.

19 B 200 What is insurability?

20 B 300 Financial protection purchased to compensate for loss.

21 B 300 What is insurance?

22 B 400 A contract written to protect individuals named in the policy against specific future losses.

23 B 400 What is an insurance policy?

24 B 500 The individual covered by an insurance policy.

25 B 500 What is the insured?

26 C 100 The company or agency that writes the insurance policy.

27 C 100 What is the insurer?

28 C 200 Legal responsibility.

29 C 200 What is liability?

30 C 300 The amount the insured pays on a claim before the insurer pays the remainder.

31 C 300 What is a deductible?


33 C 400 The total amount an insurer will pay over the life of the policy.

34 C 400 What is the lifetime limit?

35 C 500 Payment made by the insured to the insurer (to pay for insurance).

36 C 500 What is the premium?

37 D 100 Special features added to a basic insurance policy.

38 D 100 What are product options?

39 D 200 A situation in which some kind of loss is possible.

40 D 200 What is risk?

41 D 300 The process of assessing applicants for insurance to determine whether they are a good risk.

42 D 300 What is underwriting?

43 D 400 Interest paid on the ever- increasing total of principal and interest; makes your investments grow faster.

44 D 400 What is compound interest?

45 D 500 A small part of the charge for a doctor visit paid by the insured at the time of service.

46 D 500 What is the copay?

47 E 100 The doctor designated by the insured to be most directly responsible for his or her care; refers patients to specialists.

48 E 100 What is the primary care physician?

49 E 200 The maximum amount an insurer will pay on any single claim.

50 E 200 What is per claim maximum?

51 E 300 The federal law that enables eligible individuals to continue health coverage at their own expense after losing a job through which they were covered.

52 E 300 What is COBRA?

53 E 400 A federal law that permits employees to take health insurance eligibility with them when they change jobs; AKA: the portability law

54 E 400 What is HIPAA?

55 E 500 A driver who does not have enough insurance to cover losses he or she is liable for

56 E 500 What is an underinsured motorist?

57 F 100 A driver who is not insured.

58 F 100 What is uninsured motorist?

59 F 200 Coverage that pays for physical injuries sustained by the insured & the insured’s passengers

60 F 200 What is medical coverage expenses?

61 F 300 Coverage that pays for physical injury to people in other vehicles.

62 F 300 What is bodily injury liability?

63 F 400 Coverage for damage to a car from a crash, no matter which driver is liable.

64 F 400 What is collision coverage?

65 F 500 One of the ways to deal with risk; spread the risk; buy insurance.

66 F 500 What is transfer?

67 The Final Jeopardy Category is: Health Insurance Please record your wager. Click on screen to begin

68 Click on screen to continue Any system of insurers and health care providers that coordinate fees and payments in an attempt to lower the cost of medical care?

69 Click on screen to continue What is managed care?

70 Thank You for Playing Jeopardy! Game Designed By C. Harr-MAIT

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