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Primary Health Care Elfrida Nainggolan, SKM AKPER HKBP BALIGE.

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1 Primary Health Care Elfrida Nainggolan, SKM AKPER HKBP BALIGE

2 What is Primary Health Care ?

3 Primary Health Care – Definition
Primary Health Care is the first level of contact with the health system to promote health, prevent illness, care for common illnesses, and manage ongoing health problems. AKPER HKBP BALIGE

4 Primary Health Care- Definition
Primary Health Care extends beyond the traditional health sector and includes all human services which play a part in addressing the inter-related determinants of health. Social Environments Income & Social Status Employment / Working Conditions Physical Factors Culture Social Support Networks Prenatal / Early Childhood Experiences Level of Education AKPER HKBP BALIGE

5 Primary Health Care- Definition
Primary Health Care includes: Primary Care (physicians, midwives & nurses); Health promotion, illness prevention; Health maintenance & home support; Community rehabilitation; Pre-hospital emergency medical services; & Coordination and referral to other areas of health care. AKPER HKBP BALIGE

6 Primary Health Care – Definition
Services are generally provided in the community Some services are also provided in hospitals AKPER HKBP BALIGE

7 Primary Health Care – Definition
Primary Health Care is different in each community depending upon: Needs of the residents; Availability of health care providers; The communities geographic location; & Proximity to other health care services in the area. AKPER HKBP BALIGE

8 Primary Health Care - Benefits
PHC focuses on keeping people healthy & addressing illness early so as to increase probability of cure; PHC is client focused; Individuals have access to appropriate care; Services are matched to community needs; Targeted services will have a positive impact on the utilization of health and social services; & Healthy communities with healthy people contribute to a vibrant & stable economy. AKPER HKBP BALIGE

9 Primary Health Care Reform
Medical model Primary Health Care  Treatment  Health promotion  Illness  Health  Cure  Prevention, care, cure  Episodic care  Continuous care  Specific problems  Comprehensive care  Individual practitioners  Teams of practitioners  Health sector alone  Intersectoral collaboration  Professional dominance  Community participation  Passive reception  Joint responsibility AKPER HKBP BALIGE Barbara Starfield, Johns Hopkins University

10 Advancing Primary Health Care in Manitoba

11 Primary Health Care Policy Framework
Approved April 4, 2002; Framework guides the development of PHC within the province; The goals are: Promote the development of PHC organizations delivering service to Manitobans based upon the principles of PHC. Enable PHC service providers to deliver services in ways that reflect PHC principles. Improve the ability of PHC organizations to deliver services in accordance with the principles of PHC. AKPER HKBP BALIGE

12 The Delivery of Health Programs & Services to Northern Residents (Discussion paper)
Paper completed by the Aboriginal Human Resources Strategy Committee in May 2002. Goals: To provide an overview of the challenges facing health service delivery system in the North; and To suggest a strategy to address these challenges, including the processes required to achieve the objectives. AKPER HKBP BALIGE

13 Office of Rural & Northern Health
Operational in September 2002. Offices in Dauphin & Winkler. Goal: To increase the number of graduating physicians & other health care professionals who choose rural and northern Manitoba as a place to live and practice their professions. AKPER HKBP BALIGE

14 Chronic Diseases Priority Initiatives
Regional Diabetes Program Chronic Disease Prevention Initiative AKPER HKBP BALIGE

15 Primary Health Care Transition Fund
Official Languages/ Minority Communities Aboriginal Multi- Jurisdictional Provincial/Territorial National AKPER HKBP BALIGE

16 Primary Health Care Transition Fund Initiatives cont’d
Northern & Aboriginal Population Health & Wellness Institute (NAPHWI) Community driven project; Aboriginal communities identified to NAPHWI 3 health issues of importance to northern communities. Integration of Traditional Medicine & Primary Health Care; Mental Health & Youth Suicide;& Chronic Disease Management – Diabetes. Focus is to identify jurisdictional issues that affect the delivery of health services in these 3 areas. AKPER HKBP BALIGE

17 Aboriginal Midwifery Education Program (AMEP)
Impetus of program: Aboriginal communities identified the need to train more Aboriginal midwives. Community involvement: in Steering Committee & the development of the curriculum. Program: 4-year degree – University College of the North; Blend of traditional Aboriginal & western midwifery knowledge & practice; Competency-based curriculum, delivered in modules; Readiness component; Tutorial, social & financial support; & Prior learning assessment & recognition. AKPER HKBP BALIGE

18 Primary Health Care Transition Fund Initiatives
Health Links /Info Santé Community Service Integrated System Public Awareness Community Health Centres: Wabowden, Waterhen, Camperville, Thompson Technology & information sharing: Churchill Telehealth AKPER HKBP BALIGE

19 Working Together for Better Health
Conclusion Primary Health Care: Working Together for Better Health AKPER HKBP BALIGE

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