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Bachelor / Master study programmes Audiology in Germany

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1 Bachelor / Master study programmes Audiology in Germany

2 Audiology in Germany: Occupational Groups
Medical doctor: ENT, phoniatry and pediatric audiolgy Hearing aid acoustician – apprenticed professional Medical technical assistant / functional diagnostics Audiology assistant Speech & language therapist Engineer, medical physicist „audiologist“ Bachelor/Master “Hearing Technology + Audiology”

3 Audiology related study programmes in Germany
Hörakustik / Hearing Acoustics (1999) Hörtechnik und Audiologie / Hearing Technology and Audiology (2000) Lübeck Oldenburg Augenoptik und Hörakustik / Optometry and Audiology (2002)

4 Audiology related study programmes
Oldenburg Hearing Technology and Audiology Lübeck Hearing Acoustics Aalen Optometry and Audiology Duration (sem.) Ba: 7, Ma: 3 Ba: 6 Ba: 7 Capacity per year Ba: 35, Ma: 15 Ba: 25 Practical phases 7th sem Bachelor Thesis 6th sem. + Bachelor Thesis 5th sem. + Bachelor Thesis # graduates 70 („Diplom“) Master 20 („Diplom“) Bachelor 25 („Diplom“) Entry requirements min. 3 months internship completed apprenticeship Hearing Aid Acoustician -

5 Audiology related study programmes
Oldenburg Hearing Technology and Audiology Lübeck Hearing Acoustics Aalen Optometry and Audiology Intended career Development engineer Hearing Aid Industry, Audio Technology, Acoustics (e.g., Sound Design, Room acoustics) Marketing and Sales in respective industry Audiological centres and ENT-clinics Consulting Office manager: Hearing Aid Acoustics Industry: Manufacturers of hearing systems and accessories Consulting building acoustics Office manager: Hearing Aid Acoustics Audiological centres and ENT-clinics Product management in hearing aid industry Industry: Development engineer (Psychoacoustics, Psychophysics)

6 Curriculum in Aalen Basic Studies: First two semesters - Identical for all areas of specialisation - Oriented towards the requirements of the main study period Main Studies: - Teaching of core competences (e.g., refraction or audiology) - Selection of main studies dependent on core competences Additional Studies: (6 hours per week for each course) - Allows for individual focus - Exchangeability - Freedom for up-to-date topics and project work

7 Key aspects of activies in Aalen
Communication Hearing aid fitting Auditory rehabilitation Business administration Personnel management Leadership technology Cochlea implant Audiology Pediatric audiology Acoustics Psychoacoustics

8 Campus Acusticus in Lübeck
Bundesinnung der Hörgeräteakustiker Akademie für Hörgeräteakustik Ausbildungsbetriebe der Hörakustik Bild hier einfügen Bild einfügen Bundesoffene Landesberufsschule für Hörgeräteakustik Fachhochschule Lübeck Medizinische Universität zu Lübeck

9 Curriculum in Lübeck Engineering, mathematics and natural sciences
Hearing aid acoustics and medicine/audiology (e.g., psychoacoustics, hearing aid fitting) Business administration and languages (e.g., marketing, accounting)

10 Particularities in Lübeck
Preparation for practical audiological occupation with main focus in hearing aid fitting and rehabilitation Acceptance of courses for the theoretical part of the examination for master craftsman’s certificate Compatibility with the “Europa-Diplom” of the Association Européenne des Audioprotheésistes (A.E.A.) Bild einfügen

11 “Hearing Technology and Audiology”: H+A
in Oldenburg


13 Clinical Audiology Hearing aids, Implants Signal Processing Technical Acoustics Psychoacoustics

14 Hearing Technology + Audiology
Until 2004/2005: “Diplom”: 8 semesters Since then: Bachelor of Engineering 7 semesters = 3.5 years 210 ETCS Credits Master of Science 3 semesters = 1.5 years (+1 transition semester) 90 ETCS Credits Fachhochschule University University Fachhochschule

15 Programm organisation in Oldenburg

16 H+A Curriculum: Bachelor (1)
1st semester: mathematics (10 ECTS), physics, anatomy, information technology, technical english, introductory laboratory 2nd semester: mathematics (10 ECTS), physics, ENT, applied computer science, electrical engineering, physics laboratory 3rd semester: physics, electrical engineering, hearing physiology & diagnostics, physical acoustics, digital signal processing, communication & presentation, laboratory course

17 H+A Curriculum: Bachelor (2)
4th semester: digital signal processing, hearing aid technology, psychoacoustics, technical & medical acoustics, intermediate laboratory course 5th semester: audio technology, electro acoustics, hearing aid technology, psychoacoustics, quality management & law, business studies, project laboratory course, elective subject 6th semester: ENT, psychology, chemistry & material science, foreign language, project laboratory course, elective subjects

18 H+A Curriculum: Bachelor (3)
7th semester: practical semester/internship (13.5 weeks, 20 ECTS) bachelor thesis (8 weeks, 10 ECTS)

19 H+A Curriculum: Master
0th (transition) semester: only for non-audiology bachelor graduates 1st+2nd semester: theory (60 ECTS) system theory, numerical methods, explorative data analysis, stochastics, statistics, hearing systems, microelectronics, audio algorithms, neurophysics and imaging, neurobiology, speech processing, psychophysics, medical physics, radiology, advanced acoustics, laboratory courses, further electives ... 3rd semester: Master thesis (30 ECTS)

20 Who are the H+A-students?
Previous experience: ≈1/3 fresh from school ≈1/3 hearing aid acoustician ≈1/3 other job education: medical assistant, radio/tv, telecommunication, … Gender: 60% male 40% female

21 The Ice-Breakers

22 Development of student numbers

23 Job examples of H+A graduates
Hearing Aid Industry Bernafon, Phonak, Siemens, Oticon, Audifon, MedEl, Dynamic Hearing, Envoy Medical, Kind... Audiology: Clinical / Research Aachen, Erfurt, Hannover, Hamburg, Köln, Oldenburg Acoustics, Sound, Music, ... Sennheiser, Dynaudio, BeyerDynamic, Daimler, Teldex Studio, TÜV-Nord, DigiDesign A.I.R., Thyssen

24 H+A employments Hearing Aid Industry Implant Industry Audio Technology
Car Company Acoustics Entertainment Clinics Public Research Master H+A Master abroad Dissertation Private Enterprise Maternity leave Further education

25 Partner universities Denmark Technical University, Lyngby, DK
KTH, Stockholm, S University Victor Segalen, Bordeaux, F Fontys Hogescholen, Eindhoven, NL University of Oulu, SF ...

26 www. hoertechnik- audiologie. de

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