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ASCSU Report To CSULB Academic Senate October 2013.

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1 ASCSU Report To CSULB Academic Senate October 2013

2 Brief Overview Academic Senate of the California State University (ASCSU) Also known as system-wide Senate or State- wide Senate Official voice of the faculty Concerned with all matters system-wide Formed in early 1960’s 50 th anniversary celebration – March 2013

3 Membership All 23 CSUs are represented by 2 faculty senators each Additionally, 7 large CSUs are represented by a third faculty senator – Long Beach One faculty senator represents the Emeritus and Retired Faculty Association (ERFA) Only administrator – Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs No staff and student members Faculty Senate with one administrator

4 Meetings Five plenary meetings annually – September, November, January, March and May Meet Thursday and Friday at Chancellor’s Office Week preceding CSU Board of Trustees (BOT) meetings, except for the July BOT meeting Reason: BOT agenda posted 10 days before the BOT meeting Provides time for ASCSU to act/react/respond Upper division GE issue and action by ASCSU

5 Four Standing Committees Academic Affairs – Curriculum, programs, GE, advising, standards, instruction etc. Academic Preparation and Educational Programs – Preparation for College, Early Start, Ed.D. etc. Faculty Affairs – RTP standards, tenure density, research, professional matters, etc. Fiscal and Governmental Affairs – Budget, funding, legislation, financial, accountability etc. Meet the Wednesday before the plenary meeting Meet with key Chancellor’s office personnel, and Work on resolutions for consideration by full Senate at plenary

6 September 2013 Plenary Detailed written report posted on CSULB website Provided by a senator from Bakersfield – Agendas, minutes and resolutions Reports by ASCSU chair and chairs of standing committees, and faculty trustee – each plenary Reports usually by Chancellor, EVC, AVC, CFA, CSSA, ERFA and Alumni Council liaisons Sometimes CSU Trustees are invited Chancellor – Improving resources, access, quality and outcomes. Completion, not necessarily rate.

7 Resolutions Approved Resolutions – Concern over Lack of a Faculty Trustee ( 1 out of 24) – Urgent need for New Tenure Line Faculty – Baccalaureate Degrees – UCs and CSUs only – Continue EAP and STAR for College Readiness First Reading items – Extension of STATWAY Curriculum Pilot Program Alternative to Proficiency in Quantitative Reasoning – Legislative Advocacy Principles – Legislative Advocacy Guidelines – process – CSU BOT 2014-15 Support Budget of $250m mandatory cost increases, maintenance, infrastructure student success efforts, technology 5% enrollment growth 3% employee compensation pool

8 Thank you for listening!! Questions???

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