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Title I Technical Assistance Training Federal and State Programs.

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1 Title I Technical Assistance Training Federal and State Programs

2 2 Family Involvement – Fall Requirements Memo emailed to all Title I Principals and Contacts on July 25 th Supporting documentation available on websitewebsite District Family Involvement Policy Annual/AYP Meeting Parent Involvement Plan (PIP) (Training Sept 14 – 23) School-Parent Compact

3 Parent Trainings Required to hold at least 3 parent trainings a year Trainings are to cover core content areas: reading, math, writing, and science Document with invitations, agendas, sign-in sheets, and parent evaluation of trainings Resources in handbook and on websitewebsite 3

4 Staff Trainings Required to hold at least 1 staff training before February Trainings to cover strategies for teachers to improve relationships with parents Document with agenda, sign-in sheets, and follow-up Resources on websitewebsite 4

5 Schoolwide Plan (SIP/SWP) All Title I schools must have a Schoolwide Plan that: Documents how Title I funding will be used to make AYP in all subgroups Documents the professional development that will be provided to teachers Provides a needs assessment that justifies the strategies being implemented Shows evidence of the Ten Components and Ten Elements (SINI ONLY) The School Improvement Plan is the document that serves as the Title I Schoolwide Plan The plan should reflect all actions or strategies the school intends to implement during the year Every Title I school must have a Family Involvement Policy/Plan that includes the action steps from the SIP/SWP 5

6 Components Required of all Title I schools 6

7 Components 7

8 Elements Required of all SINI schools 8 SIP Template

9 Changes to the Title I Budget The SIP/SWP becomes critical in all funding decisions As noted in the Final Regulations of the NCLB Law, all funds and services must support the school’s schoolwide plan (Sec 200.27 Development of a Schoolwide Program Plan) 9

10 Title I will not approve any budget transfers, P card expenditures and/or requisitions associated with item(s), program(s), and/or personnel that are not included in the SIP/SWP Steps to change budget Plan ahead Seek approval from SAC and revise SIP template Provide minutes to Title I upon request 10 Changes to the Title I Budget

11 Rationale for Audit Compliance Mandated by law Creating a Schoolwide Plan with strategies that will increase student achievement in order for the school to make Adequate Yearly Progress Detailing the use of Title I funds in the Schoolwide Plan so an auditor can track how the federal funds are being utilized to increase student achievement Being able to successfully complete an auditor’s interview by explaining compliance 11

12 Example of State Compliance Compliance Item KIA-6: The Local Educational Agency (LEA) shall ensure that each participating school, in conjunction with the parents of participating students, has jointly developed a school- parent compact that: describes the school's responsibility to provide high quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment; addresses the importance of ongoing communication between teachers and parents; and describes the ways in which each parent will be responsible for supporting their child's learning. Section 1118(d), P.L.107-110 School Review Question(s) Who was involved in the development of the compacts? When and how were these compacts developed and/or revised? How are the compacts used? When and how often are the compacts used? 12

13 Another Example Compliance Item AIA-5: The Local Educational Agency (LEA) must ensure that schoolwide program plans describe how: the school will implement the ten (10) components of the plan; resources are used from Title I and other sources; and schools will provide academic achievement results to parents in a language they can understand. Section 1114(b)(2)(A)(i-iv), P.L.107-110 School Level Questions What fiscal resources were used to support implementation of the schoolwide plans? How were parents notified of academic achievement results? Were these results provided in a language understandable to parents? 13

14 Areas of Compliance Instructional Support Fiduciary Accountability Family and Community Involvement SINI and Transformational Requirements 14

15 Areas of Compliance Organization of Documentation 15 Fiduciary Property & Equipment Supplement Allocation Audit Assurance Checklists Pre-K Instructional Support Programs TA PD Tutorial Highly Qualified Family and Community Involvement Other Support Parent Communication Parents’ Right Additional Requirements SINI and Transformational Accountability Assessment School Improvement

16 Instructional Support Highly Qualified (Y1) List of NHQ teachers (HQT_NON_BY_SCH) Parent notification letters Tutorial Services (Y2) Teacher sign-in/out Student attendance Lesson plans 16

17 Instructional Support On-Site PD (Y3) LTM agendas, minutes, sign-ins Full day PD agendas, sign-ins, follow-up Coaches’ schedules Staff PD for Family Involvement Off-Site PD (Y4) Travel documentation 17

18 Instructional Support Technical Assistance (Y5) Instructional Programs (Y6) Pre-K Transition (Y7) 18

19 Fiduciary Allocation (G1) Copy of Final SIP Budget Supplement – Not Supplant (G2) Property and Equipment (G3) Label all items List items on inventory costing $250+ 19

20 Accountability School Improvement (R1) SAC agendas, minutes, and sign-ins SIP and Title I review Assessment (R2) SPAR Student assessments FCAT scores 20

21 Family and Community Involvement Parents’ Right to Know (B1) Parents’ Right to Know letters Annual or Annual/AYP Meeting Development and distribution of compact Development and distribution of PIP Title I Surveys 21

22 Family and Community Involvement Communication with Parents (B2) Parent Training and Food Expenses (B3) Minimum of 3 trainings: reading, math, writing, and science Document food expenses – use checklist Other Support (B4) Collect monthly 22

23 SINI/Transformational Requirements SINI Requirements (O1) Transformational Requirements (O2) 23

24 Role of Title I Contact and Team Maintain Title I audit files Monitor family involvement activities Serve as school contact for NCLB compliance Coordinate participation at NCLB Title I meetings Submit monthly electronic audit assurance checklist from the Federal and State website Sign each audit folder verifying that required documentation is filed 24

25 Monitor FY12 Title I Budgets in order to expend non-salary by December 2011 Monitor Position Status Reports Monitor SIP/SWP 25 Role of Title I Contact and Team

26 Title I Audit Checklist by Folder Color 26

27 27

28 Monthly Electronic Audit Assurance Checklist Available on website Due monthly 28

29 29

30 Complete handbook available on website Handbooks for Treasurers, Payroll Contacts, and Title I Contacts were handed out today. 30

31 Conclusion Questions Evaluation Pick-up audit box and lid Thank you for your attention The Department of Federal and State Programs wishes you another successful school year! 31

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