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An Introduction to Podcasting Texas Rural Education Association June 15 th, 2007 Kyle Kuehler.

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1 An Introduction to Podcasting Texas Rural Education Association June 15 th, 2007 Kyle Kuehler

2 Presentation Outline Podcasting Overview Market Trends Podcasting in Education Using Podcasts in the Classroom Equipment Requirements The Setup Process

3 Background The term “podcasting” was coined in 2004 and blends “broadcasting” with the name of Apple Computer’s iPod ® The editors of the New Oxford American Dictionary selected “podcast” as the 2005 Word of the Year

4 Definition A podcast is a multimedia file that is distributed by subscription (usually free) over the Internet using syndication feeds for playback on a personal computer or portable device, such as an iPod

5 Emerging Technology Podcasting is one of the fastest growing technologies in history (Feedburner, April 2006) Podcasters include CNN, NPR, ESPN, MTV, Disney, Starbucks, McDonald’s, National Geographic, Metropolitan Museum of Art and many major companies

6 How It Works Web users download free podcatcher software, such as Apple iTunes ® Users may browse, sample and subscribe to any of thousands of free podcasts New episodes download automatically to the computer and are transmitted to the portable MP3 player on the next synchronization

7 iTunes Store

8 Yahoo! ® Podcast Directory

9 Odeo™ Podcast Directory

10 Podcast Categories iTunesYahoo!

11 Market Trends - General U.S. audience for podcasts increased more than 70 percent in a six-month period ending in August 2006 (Pew Internet & American Life Project, November 2006) 12 percent of Internet users have downloaded a podcast (Pew, November 2006) Podcasting is projected to grow at a compound annual rate of 154% through 2010, when it will be larger than the blog market (PQ Media, April 2006)

12 Demographics Demographic found most likely to download an audio podcast is between 18 and 24 years of age (Nielsen Analytics, April 2006) One out of five Americans who have ever listened to an audio podcast is 12-17 years old (Arbitron, July 2006) Roughly half of teenagers own an iPod or other portable digital music player (Arbitron, July 2006)

13 Podcasting in Education The iPod is “the education device of the future,” according to Harvard Medical School’s Chief Information Officer High-demand service at universities Increasingly popular among K-12 students and educators

14 Using Podcasts in the Classroom Listen to several podcasts to get ideas for how to use them in your classroom setting Determine the title, theme, and length of the show (consider collaborating with your students and perhaps playing podcasts to give them ideas) Decide how the students will contribute Allow the students to create the show’s musical introduction and standard open and close

15 Podcasting Ideas for the Classroom Classroom news Daily school announcements Interviews with students, teachers, parents, community leaders, etc. Book reports Storytelling School musical performances Student roundtable discussion of group projects Class lectures Reading Fluency Connection to the World

16 Sample of K-12 Podcasts (iTunes)

17 Student Involvement "Whenever you allow kids to express themselves, it stimulates their excitement and they engage better. When we see them turned around where students are producing their own podcasts, that's where the potential can be. They're motivated by a broader audience.” (Don Knezek, International Society for Technology)

18 Audio Podcasting Tools Microphone Recorder / Computer Headphones Recording/editing/converting software (ex. Audacity) Space on Web Server

19 Video Podcasting Tools Camera Microphone Recorder / Computer Editing / Converting Software (ex. Jodix, Switch) Space on Web Server

20 General Process to Publish Podcast Plan and create the podcast Post audio or video files on a web server Start a blog for your podcast-this is not critical, but is necessary for marketing. (!) Setup an RSS feed –This provides the URL for subscribing to a podcast (!) Publish to iTunes or some other searchable online location (if desired)

21 Questions or Comments?

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