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Student Exchange Programme Exchange – a unique opportunity.

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1 Student Exchange Programme Exchange – a unique opportunity

2 Exchange with BI One semester abroad Student Exchange: 3rd semester One year abroad Double Degree Programme: 2nd year More than 160* partners in 45 countries *Not applicable for all programmes, due to courses, academic calendar etc.

3 Why Exchange? International experience International network Improved language skills Cultural experience New academic impulses So cial experience Makes you unique Friends for life

4 North and South America USA and Canada Acknowledged universities Few places, high interest, free electives Mexico, Chile, Peru Speak spanish? – great possibilities

5 Europe Erasmus scholarship Important trading partners The Nordic Countries International environment Erasmus or Norek

6 Asia Rapidly becoming a more important trading partner Australia and New Zealand Few places, many applicants Exciting, but consider alternative destinations

7 Double Degree Programme MSc in Leadership and Organizational Psychology -University of Tilburg -MSc in Business and Economics, majors in finance and economics and MSc in Financial Economics -University of Amsterdam, University of Ljubljana MSc in Business and Economics, all majors - Universidade Católica Portuguesa MSc in Business and Economics, major in strategy -University of Groningen MSc in Strategic Marketing Management -University of Groningen -Recommended GPA: B

8 Costs & Scholarship Tuition to BI Loan and scholarship in Lånekassen (if eligible) Language scholarship (NOK 16 300) Nb! Not if courses are conducted in English Other scholarships: Erasmus and Norek Ruhrgas: Business and Economics, Germany (deadline 17 February)

9 Admission requirements - for the Exchange Programme GPA average “good C” or better, no pending subjects (30 ECTS) Letter of motivation (in English) CV (in English) Interview for certain destinations Decision is based on an overall evaluation!

10 Application process 1. Apply to the IRO Application deadline:1 February 2011 Online application form: List of priorities, letter of motivation and CV Offer: beginning of March followed by nomination 2. Apply to the host university –Final acceptance

11 Learning Agreement Course approval: More details later in the process! Workload for MSc students: 24 ECTS (some universities + Lånekassen will demand 30 ECTS)

12 Student Exchange Programme Challenge yourself! Apply for Student Exchange Deadline: 1 February 2011 Contact information: International Relations Office (IRO):, 46410227, 46410156, 46410222

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