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Sophomores Sophomores How to prepare for your future! Presented by CHS Guidance Department 2013.

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1 Sophomores Sophomores How to prepare for your future! Presented by CHS Guidance Department 2013

2 Grades/GPA Colleges generally select students based on their GPA and Class Rank The higher your GPA/Class Rank, the better your chances are of getting accepted into college Your GPA is based on your final grades each year Refer to page 24 in the Student Agenda for exact calculation of the GPA

3 For Example: Rutgers University Acceptance Rates... 81% of the students accepted were ranked in the top 25% of his/her class 73% were ranked in the top 10%

4 HSPA All juniors in the state of New Jersey are required to take and pass the HSPA before they will be given a state endorsed high school diploma The test covers material in Math and Language Arts over a 3-day period English and math classes will spend a portion of class time going over information that may be on the test More importantly, your teachers will focus on understanding the rubric for scoring your open-ended questions, problem solving, types of questions, etc Please take this test and the consequences for not passing it very seriously

5 PSAT Plan to take the PSAT in the fall (October 19, 2013) ALL Juniors should take the PSAT; only Juniors are considered for national merit scholarship The PSAT is an excellent way to prepare for the SAT! If you took the PSAT as a sophomore, check out: for full length SAT practice tests

6 SAT 3 hours, 45 minutes Critical Reading, Math, Writing Essay is required Penalties for guessing incorrectly Offered at CHS in October, November, May, and June Accepted by all universities in the U.S.

7 ACT 3 hours, 25 minutes English, Math, Reading, Science Essay is optional; however, you should consider signing up for it No penalties for guessing wrong Offered at CHS in October, December, February, and April Accepted by all universities in the U.S.

8 Which test should you take? Students can take either the ACT, SAT, or both ACT & SAT are accepted at all four year colleges Tests can be taken an unlimited amount of times We recommend taking the SAT and ACT at least once each Register at…

9 Advanced Placement (AP) A program of college-level courses and exams Generally taken during junior/senior year (There may be prerequisite courses required) Must pay a fee to sit for the AP exam in May Most colleges in the United States will award credit for a score of 4 or 5 on an AP exam (Some colleges will accept a score of 3) Contact colleges to find out if they accept AP credits and which courses the credits will be applied to...

10 College Acceleration Program (CAP) Students can earn college-level credit from Burlington County College (BCC) for select courses taken at CHS These are courses that are taken at the high school and taught by our teachers All NJ public colleges/universities will accept the credits Students pay a fee to BCC ($125) and must earn a grade above 70 in the course to receive BCC credit Please be advised that although a college may accept CAP credits, they may not necessarily accept it as equivalent credits for the course taken at the high school

11 ASVAB Military Entrance Exam  Each branch of the military has a qualifying score for entrance (Army/Marines-31 Air Force/Navy-51)  Military jobs/training opportunities are determined by your ASVAB score Career Exploration Program  As an aptitude test, the ASVAB measures your strengths, weaknesses, and potential for future success in various career skill areas  It shows career-related interests/skills based on your answers  Access to, where can learn how your skills relate to occupations that may interest you

12 Career Center/Naviance Each year you will be assigned tasks through Naviance that must be completed to meet your career exploration graduation requirement. In 11 th grade, you will be assigned to complete an Activities Resume through Naviance. If you need assistance completing this resume, please make an appointment with Mrs. Iannuzzi in the Career Center. You can find your assigned tasks by visiting: –  Log-in using your CHS log-in and password (lastname/first initial & student ID#)

13 Extracurricular Activities Colleges are interested in your personality & ability outside of the traditional classroom Participating in an after-school activity, community, or volunteer program shows how well-rounded you are... Make sure you are actively involved and take on leadership roles. Just joining a club/activity doesn’t help !

14 Volunteer! Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community Many colleges will seek out students who have experience volunteering Need help? Check out the following places:  Church/Synagogue  Local animal shelters  Bulletin board in the hallway near the Guidance Department 

15 Review… Sophomore and Junior year is the ideal time to plan for college/post-secondary options The summer is an excellent time to visit colleges, practice for the SAT/ACT, and review college requirements Always challenge yourself in your classes, and remember that your GPA and Class Rank will be the major determination when applying to colleges! If you have any questions, make an appointment with your school counselor!

16 Questions? Ask your counselor! Mrs. Mancinelli (A-Ha) Ms. Widmann (He-P) Ms. Lobascio (Q-Z )

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