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Knowledge on HIA IN CAMBODIA Constructing a Caring and Sharing Community Roles of HIA 4-6 October 2012 Bangkok.

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1 Knowledge on HIA IN CAMBODIA Constructing a Caring and Sharing Community Roles of HIA 4-6 October 2012 Bangkok

2 OUTLINE  Overview  Perspective of EIA and HIA  Challenges  Barriers  Issues need to be addressed  Ways to integrate HIA in ASEAN

3 OVERVIEW In 1993 the Royal Government of Cambodia enacted legislation to protect the environment and health of the people. The Constitution of the Royal Government of Cambodia in Article 59 Environmental Protection ensures that the State protects the environment and maintains the balance between abundant natural resources and their use and establishes a precise plan of management of land, water, air, wind geology, ecologic system, mines, energy, petrol, and gas, rocks and sand, gems, forests and forestrial products, wildlife, fish, and aquatic resources.

4 Perspective of EIA Environmental effects considered before decisions are made Promote sustainable development Prevent adverse environmental effects from the activities of the projects Provide opportunity for public participation in EIA Process Identify impacts Provide alternatives to the proposed project Communicate information to stakeholders Make recommendation Advise decision makers

5 Perspective of HIA  Stakeholder participation - allows people to communicate concerns related to the development and implementation of policies, programs or projects that may impact on their lives.  Equity –assesses the distribution of impacts from a proposal on the whole population.  Sustainable development –considers both short and long term impacts,  Ethical use of evidence –identifies and uses the best available quantitative and qualitative evidence  Comprehensive approach to health – emphasizes that physical, mental and social well-being is determined by a broad range of factors from all sectors of society.

6 Perspective of HIA  HIA has the potential to be combined with other impact assessments such as EIA, Social Impact Assessment, Cumulative Impact Assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment.  This integration allows proposals to be assessed from a sustainable development perspective including: health; education; employment; business success; safety and security; culture, leisure and recreation; and environment.

7 Challenges  Socio-economic growth within Cambodia can have both positive and negative impacts on the environmental and social determinants of health  RGC not realize as priority issue  Difficulties in agreement dialogue, decision-making and resolving conflicts among different partners in the process  Extremely high degree of socio-political health and environmental complexity  The procedures of the EIA is not include HIA  Neediness capacity on HIA among health professionals


9 THE impact of development from hydropower plant The important tributary of the Mekong WHO WILL AFFECT ?   Yali Vietnam Nam Theun II LaosSe San4 Vietnam FLASH FLOOD DROUGHT FOOD SECURITY POVERTY

10 ONE OF BARRIER The massive risk and impacts associated with the Xayaburi and other Mekong mainstream dams The dam above the Mekong River would affect the ecological system and millions of villagers The Mekong River Commission (MRC), comprising Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia In 2010 agreed to subject this mainstream dam to approval by the region's governments through a regional decision-making process. Xayaburi project

11 ISSUES NEED TO BE ADDRESSED people, welfare, health and economic displacement to the new sites homes and shelter school & education jobs and fertile land replacement food, water supply expose to diseases social and welfare

12 WAYS TO INTEGRATE HIA IN ASEAN Advocacy for political commitment ASEAN statement on HIA Strengthening capacity of ASEAN member’s country in assessment and management of the impact of development Procedures for Notification, Prior Consultation and Agreement Increase climate resilience for better health and well-being of all population

13 WAYS TO INTEGRATE HIA IN ASEAN Networking for sharing the HIA and other social assessment for common environment and health issues Protection from violate gesture that harm to each other members country Institutionalization and regionalization on emerging health impact for border collaboration and response Technical support for promoting HIA activities.


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