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Z Zagreb 16-20 June 2012. Obrtnička komora Zagreb Chamber of Trades and Crafts Zagreb.

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1 Z Zagreb 16-20 June 2012

2 Obrtnička komora Zagreb Chamber of Trades and Crafts Zagreb

3 Partnership project 01.08.2011.-31.07.2013. Objectives of the partnership To raise the attractiveness of vocational education To impact on raising the number of pupils in VET To promote cooperation in VET at EU level To promote lifelong learning

4 History 1852. craftsmen registered in chamber 1939. building in Ilica 49 – members’ contribution “To our honor, and for the glory of our people” -the inscription that is preserved on the building to this day -Headquarter of Croatian Chamber and Chamber Zagreb

5 Business entities, June 2011 88.136 Crafts – 45,51% 105.537 Ltd. companies 54,49%

6 Indicators Crafts registered in Croatia 1990.68.744 2005. 83.749 2009.75.081 2010.70.616 2011.67.998

7 Indicators 31.12.2011. 177.049 – total number of craftsmen and their employees registered in Croatian Institute for Pension Insurance City of Zagreb 28.973 Zagreb County 13.147 Total 42.120 23% Over 51% craftsmen working alone (no employees) 49% employs 3,9 workers

8 CRAFTS IN COUNTIES 48% crafts in Croatia - registered in 4 counties: CITY OF ZAGREB and ZAGREB COUNTY - 23% of all craftsmen  Split-Dalmatia County 11,2%  Primorje-Gorski Kotar County 9,9%  Istria County 9,5%

9 Main activity sectors 66% of crafts registered in economic activities: Wholesale and retail, Building trade, Construction Hotels and restaurants processing industry

10 Organisation CROATIAN CHAMBER OF TRADES AND CRAFTS legal entity Umbrella organization REGIONAL/COUNTY CHAMBERS 20 legal entities ASSOCIATION OF CRAFTSMEN 116 legal entities

11 CHAMBER MEMBERSHIP Membership in Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts is obligatory (mandatory) Voluntary membership – for entities who contribute to advancing of crafts and business operation with their activities – based on their application

12 FUNDS NECESSARY FOR THE WORK OF CHAMBER Membership fee Property income Services fees and other sources

13 CHAMBER OF TRADES AND CRAFTS ZAGREB 9 –Zagreb County (territorial) 6 – City of Zagreb (vocational principle

14 MANAGING ENTITIES AND BODIES Assembly -39 members Managing Board– 18 members Supervisory Board – 5 members The President

15 OPERATIONAL ENTITIES OF ZAGREB CHAMBER Presidium – Operative entity (President + 4 Vice-presidents) Permanent Boards Committees

16 ASSEMBLY (THE HIGHEST STEERING BODY OF THE CHAMBER) Adopts: - Statute and other general acts of the Chamber - Work plan and financial budget Approves: -Operating statements: Annual work report and annual financial statement

17 ASSEMBLY ALSO: Decides uppon -Territorial coverage of craftsmen Association -Appoints and dismisses: -The President and Vice-president of the Chamber -Managing Board members -Supervisory Board members

18 MANAGING BOARD OF ZAGREB CHAMBER Implements: - Decisions and conclusions of the Assembly Proposes and recommends: - Commitee members for: assistance exams master exams, vocational skill exams, issuing licences for apprenticing

19 MANAGING BOARD Adopts: -General acts necessary for the work of the Chamber and Chamber’s office Appoints and dismisses: - Guilds and Board members -Chamber representatives to other organisations and entities

20 THE PRESIDENT Represents the Chamber In cooperation with the bodies of local and self-government Other entities and organisations, Responsible for the performance of tasks and work of the Chamber according to the law

21 THE PRESIDENT OF CHAMBER ZAGREB Coordinates activities of the Chamber Chairs the Assembly and Managing Board sessions

22 SUPERVISING BOARD Supervises the implementation of the Statute and other legal acts Supervises material and financial operations of the Chamber Reports on its work and on financial statements to the Assembly

23 PROFESSIONAL/VOCATIONAL ORGANIZATION Improving the activities and coordinating the interests of the similar craft activities Sections – craftsmen association level Guilds – chamber level- Chamber Zagreb ( 9 guilds)

24 GUILDS CHAMBER ZAGREB Production/processing guild Services guild Catering and tourism guild Commerce guild Transporting guild Guild for economically oriented intelectual services Taxi services guild Hairdressers and beauticians guild Agricultural guild

25 BOARDS AND COMMITTEES Board for the economy Board for vocational education Board for trade fairs and other promotional activities Information board Board for monitoring and development of Chamber system and the Statute

26 Tasks and affairs of the Chamber Technical assistance and advise on starting up a craft business Monitoring and analysis of economic policies and their effect on development on crafts

27 Promoting, coordinating, representing interests of crafstmen before local and regional self-government authorities –City of Zagreb and Zagreb County Submitting opinions and proposals in the process of adopting legislation which is of interest to crafts

28 Encouraging and organizing participation of crafts at trade fairs in Croatia and abroad Market promotion International cooperation: Chambers, Professional Associations in Croatia and EU Providing other tasks as defined by the law and Statute

29 Public authorities - Education promotes, organizes and participates in vocational education and in future training appoints members of Commission for licencing crafts workshops for practical training issues licence for apprenticing to craft workshops for practical training

30 CHAMBER OFFICE Carry out professional, administrative, assistant and other work The Office is managed by the Secretary of the Chamber 5 offices: office of the president; economics, trade fairs, technology and development office, legal issues office, education office; office for coordination work of association of craftsmen; office for general, financial and technical affairs

31 COURT OF HONOUR Established by Croatian Chamber of trades and crafts (crafsmen members) Decides on violation of fair business practicies Fulfilment of contractual obligations concerning apprenticeship Violation of the Statute and other by- laws of Croatian chamber, regional chambers and association of craftsmen

32 CRAFTS COLLEGE –adult education institution

33 Tasks linking vocational education with the economy and regional development establishment of the network with companies and other educational institutions encouraging innovation in trades

34 EDUCATION Vocational qualification Vocational training Preparations for master exams IT courses for craftsmen EU projects

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