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POLITECNICO DI TORINO AND SUPPORT FOR RESEARCH LAURA FULCI Head of Research and Technology Transfer Support Division.

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1 POLITECNICO DI TORINO AND SUPPORT FOR RESEARCH LAURA FULCI Head of Research and Technology Transfer Support Division

2 2 Research Support and Technology Transfer Area- SaRTT covers all activities related to research in two main areas:  Financed projects (international, European, national and regional )  Technology Transfer and commercial activities Research support at Politecnico

3 3 SaRTT structure SaRTT structure Administration Unit Budget and Institutions Partecipated Fund Raising for Research Contracts Office Regional, National and European Projects Management Collaborative Projects Office Funded Project Management Basic Research and Researchers Mobility Relations with Industries and Technologic Transfer Quality center RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER SUPPORT DIVISION Funding bodies and Internal Structures Relations Unit DRAFT STRUCTURE

4 4 European Fund raising Support to the participation to funding programmes of the EU (Framework programmes of research and development, demonstration and training) during the whole duration of the project  Scouting of project ideas and matching with funding programmes topics and consulting for proposal preparation and for partnership enstablishment.  Infoday and training event organization for researchers and administrative personnel and promotion ‘outside’ of project ideas and of the skills of the University  Assistance for the administrative and financial project management National Fund raising Support to the life cicle of the: research and training project co funded by National Funds, (FIRB, FESR, FAR, FIT, ecc), UE funding on Structural Funds, Piedmont Region Funds, other territorial entity, foundations etc etc Fund raising services

5 5 ADDICTIONAL ACTIVITIES  Mapping of the skills and project ideas scouting  Pro-active approach for the preparation of project idea and consortia costitution  Stimulate to use a multidisciplinary approach to participation to european projects (es. multidisciplinary round tables coordination, thematic meetings, infodays) acting as trade-union among researchers fron different disciplinary areas  Central coordination of multisciplinary and strategic activities (es., EIT, Smart cities, FET Flagships, Human Resources Strategy for Researcher, Technological Cluster national)  Participation to consultation at Ue/National/Local level for the writing of agendas, guidelines ecc  Participation to European and national Clusters, both thematic and cross sectoriall, collecting all the different expertise  Central coordination of the relations with industrial partners  Promoting of the mobility of researchers Fund raising services: added value

6 6  “Marketing of innovation” and diffusion of research results of Politecnico towards companies (IFE)  Activities related to projects of significant interest to the University in partnership with actors of primary importance (Gm, Microsoft, Pirelli, etc) with particular attention to their integration in the Cittadella Politecnica  Technology scouting intended to bring out technologies with high potential for industrial exploitation (skills mapping and implementation of the information system)  Activities linked to the exploitation of “intellectual property” and “enterprise creation” (Research Spin-off) in collaboration with I3P, the Innovative Enterprise Incubator of the Politecnico Technology Transfer service

7 7 Special projects – IFE GOALS:  To identify and understand the needs of research and innovation coming from the outside world of business to foster Knowledge and Technology Transfer  To increase and improve the existing relations between Polito research groups and external companies  To achieve this goal IFE activities can be divided into: INNOVATION FRONT END - IFE (a front office available since 2010) FRONT – END ACTIVITIES INSTRUMENTAL ACTIVITIES

8 8 First Contact Firm’s needs analysis (first meeting) Identification of Polito’s relevant expertise and multidisciplinary team assembly Contract terms negotiation Follow-up 1-2 weeks CONTACT: Work proposal We understand the companies’ needs in terms of timing and efficiency and strive to provide our best professional service From IDEAS to RESEARCH

9 9 Results of years 2011-2012:  Number of contacts received: about 180  Organizations/companies involved with relationship which started: 94  Total managed opportunities: 117  Teachers/researchers of the University involved in the opportunities: about 130  Contracts concluded through the intermediary of IFE: 12  Total value of resorces acquired by firms: 340.000€ The progress  Greater visibility to the outside thanks to the creation of informational and promotional materials and tools for marketing activities (brochures, website)  Increased speed and accuracy in responding to requests from companies thanks to the work of "mapping" that allowed us to know the research groups and their skills  Greater consensus and cooperation from the heads of research groups, aware of the opportunities that may arise thanks to the activity of IFE  Wider dissemination of scientific production, even for the benefit of technology transfer

10 10 ProgrammeApprovedSubmitted CAPACITIES 3.750.000 20 58 COOPERATION 27.400.000 107458 PEOPLE 4.500.000 28 77 IDEAS 5.150.000 5 92 JTI 6.860.000 23 47 EURATOM 96.200 2 3 2007-2013 Submitted: 758 Approved: 185 Succes rate: 25% Total EC contribution: Circa 47.810.000 € R&TT –results

11 11 R&TT – results

12 12 Projects presented by year of presentation Projects approved by year of approval Projects still in evaluation Success rate Allocations (€) 200920102011200920102011 2008133 031%28.370 200944014675120%2.927.6692.808.064685.047 2010306 637614% 200.7284.755.095 20118 44100% 2.500.617 Total76717734611 2.956.0393.008.7927.940.759 National projects - approved proposals and allocations, 2009-2011 Regional projects – approved proposals and allocations, 2009-2011 National & Regional projects Projects presented by year of presentation Projects approved by year of approval Projects still in evaluation Success rate Allocations(€) 200920102011200920102011 200812812150334%134.577101.727 200910319921852%4.249.3831.058.588162.940 2010187063404171% 9.643.8394.468.486 201111700326562% 1.462.161 Total535318793117 4.383.96010.804.1546.093.587

13 13 Final remarks Final remarks Support research services at the Politecnico of Turin have been able to adapt, "changing skin" over time, and today are focused on an approach characterized by :  continuous dialogue and integration between different structures, both internally and in the rest of the University SaRTT  continuous attention in understanding the needs of our "customers" by increasing the ability to listen and consequently its ability to respond with a view to the problem solving  the desire to be recognized - both inside and outside - as "innovative actors' ready to adapt to the needs of external environment and to experience new projects, although with the attention to preserve the soundness and reliability of processes

14 14 Contacts Laura Fulci Head of Research and Technology Transfer Support Division

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