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Morning Girl Bookclub 2012 Emma Megan B.B. Hollie.

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1 Morning Girl Bookclub 2012 Emma Megan B.B. Hollie

2 Our Book Our book is entitled Morning Girl. The author is Michael Dorris. It is a historical fiction book (two cover we used the first).

3 Setting-Emma Setting: The story takes place in 1492 (Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492) on a Bahamian Island. The island does sometimes have storms (with powerful winds) and is close to a shore. They live in houses with roofs made out of palm fronds. They sleep on mats and hammocks. Morning Girl and Star Boy’s family live in a village, where they do gather together for certain events (they gather to celebrate the great storm {usually not something to celebrate but, they celebrate no deaths and nothing ruined that could not be fixed} where Star Boy was lost and has to grow up).

4 Characters-Hollie Morning Girl: Morning Girl is the main character in the book she wakes up early every morning. She is kind, fun, and caring. You can definitely tell that nothing means more to her than her family. Star Boy: Star Boy is almost the complete opposite of morning girl. He likes to be awake during the night and is very adventures. Sometimes it’s hard to keep him in the house. She Wins the Race: She Wins the Race is Morning Girls mother she is kind sweet and she is always trying to do everything to try to help her family. Speaks To Birds: Speaks To Birds is very gentle and peaceful. He doesn’t talk very much. He is also Morning Girls dad. He may be a little rough on the outside but his family means more than anything on the inside.

5 Climax-Megan The climax in Morning Girl was when a storm came and Star Boy talked to his dead grandfather (his spirit). Others were the Columbus note (when we figure out who the people in the strange canoe are).

6 Rising Action-Megan The rising action is when the storm came and everybody was worrying about the Star Boy because, he was lost in the storm. The storm would be the biggest part in the story other than the end.

7 Falling Action-Anna The falling action is when Morning Girl saw the strange people. Morning Girl went to swim and heard a weird paddling noise (not very skilled paddling). She was scared because the noise was an odd noise and she didn’t know what was going to happen. They wore weird clothes and didn’t speak Morning Girl’s language (we just learned that Morning Girl doesn’t speak English). Read the book to find out what happens.

8 Resolution-Hollie The resolution was when the letter from Columbus was read. This is the resolution because it ties the whole story together. The letter told them what he was going to do with Morning Girl’s village which, is basically the whole thing that the story is focused on.

9 Theme of Independence-Emma This book relates to our theme of independence because, Morning Girl loves to have alone time in the mornings (hence the name). Also Morning Girl has to learn how to do tasks herself (her mother is her teacher in life) for when she grows up and gets married. Star Boy likes to be loud and with others but, does sometimes cherish alone time (especially in the night). Star Boy also has to take after his dad and learn his trade (he will someday be all alone)

10 How This Book Relates to the Historical Fiction Theme-Anna This book could have happened when Columbus came because, they don’t ride Unicorns or fly (thus the historical part). This relates to the theme

11 Our Proof That We Read the Book We will pick people in the class and give them cards with 1-10 on them. We will give a brief introduction and then we will each read a page or two from our book (all the same part) then we will see who is the best depending on the score given from the judges. The pages that we will read are; 73-74. Our judges are going to be:  Caroline  Stevie  Molly  Bear They all have cards with 1-10 on them and will rate us accordily.

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