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Maven and Stack Starter Michael Youngstrom. Notes This is a training NOT a presentation Please ask questions Prerequisites – Introduction to Java Stack.

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Presentation on theme: "Maven and Stack Starter Michael Youngstrom. Notes This is a training NOT a presentation Please ask questions Prerequisites – Introduction to Java Stack."— Presentation transcript:

1 Maven and Stack Starter Michael Youngstrom

2 Notes This is a training NOT a presentation Please ask questions Prerequisites – Introduction to Java Stack – Intermediate Maven – Basic Java and XML skillz

3 Overview Understand Maven configuration in “Stack Project” Review Intermediate Maven Useful Maven Plugins Stack Master Review Stack Starter Stack Starter Template – Template Modules

4 Review Maven Plugin Execution Maven Plugin Configuration Maven Properties Maven Plugin Configuration with Properties Maven Profiles

5 Useful Maven Plugins Maven has numerous plugins – Apache Maven Community: – Codehaus Community: – LDSTech (Java Stack) Plugins: – Not finding what you need? Try searching: {some product} maven plugin

6 Useful 1 st Party Plugins (Build) Java Compiler Plugin – Actually compiles Java code and tests Resources Plugin – Processes resources and test-resources AntRun Plugin – Executes an embedded Ant script – Useful for quickly hacking a Plugin RequireJS Example Shade Plugin – Generates an Uber-JAR of current project and dependencies

7 Useful 1 st Party Plugins (Packaging) Jar Plugin – Creates a jar file – Specify MANIFEST.MF values War Plugin – Packages a web application in to a.war file – Can Merge.war files – Filter web resources Ear Plugin – Packages artifacts into an.ear file – Automatically generates application.xml

8 Useful 1 st Party Plugins (Testing) Surefire is for Unit Testing – Executes in the “test” phase – Test results are processed after executed – Test file pattern: **/* **/Test*.java **/* Failsafe is for Integration Testing – Tests execute in the “integration-test” phase – Test results are processed in the “verify” phase – Test file pattern: **/IT*.java **/* **/* Only supports TestNG or Junit 4 (not both) in same module

9 Useful 1 st Party Plugins (Documentation) Javadoc Plugin – Builds and packages project Javadocs Source Plugin – Builds and packages source code of project Plugin Plugin – Builds Maven Plugins – Builds Reference Documentation Site Plugin – Builds Reference site for project Javadocs Browsable Sources (jxr) Test Results Maven Docs

10 Useful 3 rd Party Plugins (Build) GWT Plugin – Compiles a GWT application – Runs GWTTestCases JSPC Plugin – Compiles.jsp files – Useful for finding syntax errors

11 Useful 3 rd Party Plugins (Misc) Wagon Plugin – Uploads and Downloads file Exec Plugin – Execute a native or Java application Webstart Plugin – Numerous WebStart oriented utilities Signing Jnlp file Generation TagLib Plugin – Generates JSP Taglib Documentation

12 LDSTech Plugins (Deploy) Tomcat Plugin – Packages a Tomcat “Deployable” – Configure and deploy “Vanilla” Tomcat T-Cat Plugin – Deploys to a T-Cat managed instance Websphere Plugin – Packages a Webphere “Deployable” – Deploys to Websphere instance using Middleware deploy scripts WAM Plugin – Wraps execution of WAM Emulator – Can deploy to remote server – Can execute wam-config packaged in a jar dependency

13 LDSTech Plugins (Misc) DB Migrator Plugin – Helps a team manage DB Schema changes – Packages migrations for future execution – Execute migrations as part of a build Pseudo i18n Plugin – Generates pseudo translations of properties files

14 Lab 1: Useful Plugins r#Lab_1_Useful_Plugins

15 Stack Master Organizational Parent POM – The definition of a “Stack Application” Configuration Extensions Manages Dependencies – Doesn’t include only manages Manages Plugins – Doesn’t execute only manages Extends stack-thirdparty – Implementation Detail

16 Configuration Extensions Support for Binary Resources – /src/main/binary – /src/test/binary Resource directory for I18n – /src/main/bundles Encoding – UTF-8 Everywhere we can

17 Dependencies Uses Dependency Management – Allows libraries to be upgraded with a “Stack Upgrade” Includes all Stack and major thirdparty libraries – Tested and verified to work correctly together Provides appropriate exclusions – Java 6 – Fixing thirdparty “optional” dependencies All dependencies have version property – Allows upgrade or downgrade without redefinition 3.0.5.RELEASE...

18 Discovering Managed Dependencies Use Tools – CTRL+click on stack-master – Effective POM View Dependency Management Report – sites/stack/modules/master/{Version}/dependency-management.html View file in local repository Many more

19 Plugins Specify version of many plugins – Including Dependencies Allow us to upgrade plugins with Stack Releases Some Default configuration and executions All plugins have a version property

20 Default Plugin Configuration Compiler & JSPC plugin set to Java 6 Add default meta data to MANIFEST.MF – Project Maven Information – Build-Revision – Build-Url – Build-Date – Stack-Version FailSafe Plugin – Ignore Test failures by default (independent of Surefire) – Created “itGroups” property (independent of Surefire)

21 Lab 2: Stack Master r#Lab_2_Stack_Master

22 Stack Starter Review Stack Starter is a templating application Produces a preconfigured project: – Fully functional – Uses supported tools – Can provides a simple demo The generated application is yours to evolve “Stack” upgrades simply update tool versions not configuration

23 Modules in Stack Starter Multi Module project – parent – web – ear (Websphere) – deploy – wam – qa – db – api

24 Parent Module Holds most build configuration – Easier to see configuration in one place Defines Maven repositories (internal or external) Prefer using plugin expression configuration – Easier to create profiles – Supports configuration using command line The deploy* properties unify deployment config – App Server – WAM – Embedded

25 Stack Starter Profiles Stack Starter uses profiles to represent “usage scenarios” – Deployment Mode (local, embedded, remote) – App Server Config – Test Execusion Config – DB Migration Config – Wam Config Dev is the default scenario Continuous focuses on continuous build config

26 Web Module The heart and soul of a “stack application” Produces project.war file – Uses maven-war-plugin for.war packaging Runs Unit and Integration Tests as part of build – Supports Spring integration testing framework – Only support Junit 3.x and TestNG (No Junit 4)

27 Deploy Module Owns application server configuration artifact combining config and war(s) or an ear Tomcat Deploy – Uses packaging “tomcat-deployable” – Uses stack-tomcat-maven-plugin – Requires 1-* war dependencies – Configuration in /src/main/resources Websphere Deploy – Uses packaging “was-deployable” – Uses stack-was-maven-plugin – Requires an ear dependency – Configuration in /src/main/resources Will execute a deployment if enabled

28 Wam Module Manages WAM Emulator Uses stack-wam-maven-plugin – Allows Wam configuration to change based on profile – Simplified launching – Config is in /src/main/resources – Will remote deploy wam emulator if enabled Produces jar artifact for wam config reuse – See QA Module

29 QA Module Enables black box in container testing Executes tests against a running container: – Selenium based UI Tests – Spring based Web Service Tests – Etc Produces jar containing tests – Stay Tuned! Supports Embedded Deployment

30 Stack Starter Deployment Typically Deployment is out of process – Sometimes requires pre installed Server (Websphere) Embedded Deployment is in process – Servers are bound to Maven build process – Allows setup and teardown of Servers as part of module build QA module supports Embedded Deployment for Tomcat – Tomcat and Wam launched in pre-integration-test – Tomcat and Wam terminated in post-integration-test Enabled by default in “dev” profile

31 DB Module Manages DB Migration Tool Uses stack-db-maven-plugin: – packaging type “stack-db-migrator” artifact – Capable of executing DB Migrations without Maven Will execute db migration in pre-integration-test phase – Enabled by default

32 API Module Created when using Web Service template We’ll cover api more when doing Web Service training

33 Demo Stack Starter Maven Config Tour

34 Lab 3: Maven Profiles r#Lab_3_Stack_Starter

35 Summary Maven has a number of useful plugins Use of Stack Master is the definition of a “Stack Application” Stack Starter provides a way to use stack tools – Supports Black Box Testing – Supports remote and embedded deployment

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