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Math 0300 Course Structure Requirements Study Plan/Workflow, MyMathLab Teaching Information & Resources.

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1 Math 0300 Course Structure Requirements Study Plan/Workflow, MyMathLab Teaching Information & Resources

2 Course Structure Math 0300 is a self-paced basic math class  Students have the flexibility to work at their own pace; they may complete the course before the end of the semester Students need textbook and access to on-line labs  Textbook Content (see Course Objectives and suggested schedule)  Chapter Exam (or portions thereof) for each chapter  On-line Labs Series of 10 “Practice” labs (prerequisites for the quizzes) Series of 10 Lab Quizzes Aligned with chapters (see suggested schedule) Preparation for unit exams 5 Unit Exams Departmental Comprehensive Final Exam

3 Requirements: Study Plan / Workflow For any given chapter  Complete Homework and practice lab  Complete Lab QUIZ  Complete Chapter Test (in Text) Present results to obtain a pass (ticket) to take exam in Testing Center Complete all 5 exams (repeating the process above for each) Complete Final Exam review and Lab 10 in preparation for the Final Exam Complete the Final Exam Basic requirements and workflow diagram on next slide

4 Textbook (EMG 4e) MyMathLab Due Date Exam Ch 1 Test, Pg 106, All Ch 2 Test, Pg 168, All Practice Quiz 1 Lab Quiz 1 Ch 8 Test, Pg 586 1-11, 17, 21-23 Ch 9 Test, Pg 636, 1-21 Ch 10 Test, Pg 692, All Ch 11 Test, Pg 754, 1-5, 20-22 Review for FINAL Handout Ch 3 Test, Pg 242, All Ch 4 Test, Pg 314, All Ch 5 Test, Pg 365, All Ch 6 Test, Pg 439,1-12 Name: __________________________ Section: ___________ #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Final Practice Quiz 2 Lab Quiz 2 Practice Quiz 3 Lab Quiz 3 Practice Quiz 4 Lab Quiz 4 Practice Quiz 5 Lab Quiz 5 Practice Quiz 8 Lab Quiz 8 Practice Quiz 6 Lab Quiz 6 Practice Quiz 7 Lab Quiz 7 Practice Quiz 9 Lab Quiz 9 Practice Quiz 10 Lab Quiz 10

5 Requirements: MyMathLab MyMathLab is web-based (Pearson maintained) site for lab exercises  Access from college computer resources  Access from home via PC  Standardized practice labs and lab quizzes Tony Ayers is Course Compass coordinator Tony will provide instructions for individual course setup and documentation Practice Quiz 1-10 are prerequisites for Lab Quiz 1-10  Practice quizzes do not count toward class grade Lab Quiz 1-10 for grade  No ‘help’ resources on lab quiz  Students get one (1) try per lab quiz; need not be completed in 1 session  Lab quiz grades do count toward class grade Due dates for labs on the class schedule are coordinated with the suggested dates to complete each unit exam.

6 Teaching Information & Resources Class time is generally used for  Lecture on topic (usually 30 min or less) according to suggested schedule  Student questions, issues, independent work on homework, chapter tests  Students may complete labs in the Collin math lab (SCC J228, PRC D141, CPC C220)  Individual tutoring/assistance  Reviewing completed work and issuing test permits  Some instructors limit issuance of permits to class time only; some do not.  Some instructors limit # of tests to 1 per day; some do not. Unit exams (5) are in the Testing Center.  Students must have Collin Student ID and test permit to take each test  No calculators are allowed on any exams in Math 0300  Tests are in plastic sleeves to prevent students from writing on them  Test center will provide work paper  All completed tests/work will be filed in folder for your pickup/grading  Encourage students to show their work and circle their answers to facilitate your grading and any subsequent review with the student (opportunity to enhance study skills / student organization of work)

7 Teaching Information & Resources Final Exam  The final exam is a department standard, comprehensive exam.  Administered in Testing Center (same as unit exams)  Work must be completed in a Blue Book (examination book)  Answers recorded on a Scantron (form 882)  Scantron machine located in Department office and near the testing center Final grades posted on Banner as required by College schedule Submit final grade package to DE office  Copy of grades submitted in Banner  Copy of calculated grades  Copy of attendance record  All Final Exam bluebooks and Scantrons

8 Teaching Information & Resources Resources available on DE webpage Navigate to all DE Math resource pages via  DE webpage specifically for Math 0300   Suggested schedule  Sample syllabus  Course Objectives document  Suggested homework problems  Lecture notes by chapter  Test permit image file  Sample chapter test / unit exam work/answer sheet format is available  PowerPoint file with outline of requirements (workflow) available for students to use to track progress and grades  Sample excel grading file available for recording and computing grades  This PowerPoint file PowerPoint slides for content are available on MyMathLab website   Item on Course Contents page

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