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Introduction to Fire Protection 3rd Edition

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1 Introduction to Fire Protection 3rd Edition

2 Fire Protection Career Opportunities
Chapter 2 Fire Protection Career Opportunities

3 Objectives Identify fire protection jobs in the public and private fire service List duties and requirements of firefighter trainee and firefighter List duties and requirements of firefighter/paramedic

4 Objectives (con’t.) List duties and requirements of the position of fire heavy equipment operator List duties and requirements of the position of firefighter forestry aid Give examples of fire service jobs other than firefighter

5 Introduction Fire protection jobs
Firefighter and non-firefighter positions Public and private sectors Promotions available with advanced training

6 Public Fire Protection Careers
Firefighter jobs Firefighter trainee - fire department Firefighter - fire department Firefighter - fire department federal Firefighter paramedic Fire heavy equipment operator Forestry aid

7 Firefighter Trainee - Fire Department
Less pay and fewer benefits than regular firefighter Works under close supervision in a learning capacity Attends drills and classes May operate equipment Promoted to probationary status after specified time and completion of training

8 Firefighter – Fire Department

9 Firefighter - Fire Department
Standard entry level position Responds to fire alarms and other emergency calls Assists in equipment maintenance Administers first aid May act as relief for driver/operator or company officer Can test for these positions after meeting prerequisites

10 Firefighter Fire Department Federal

11 Firefighter - Fire Department Federal
Works at federal installations Mostly at military bases Job description, requirements, and promotional opportunities much like firefighter fire department municipal 11

12 Paramedic

13 Firefighter Paramedic
Requires advanced medical training Has increased medical responsibility Responds in ambulance or special squad vehicle May include pay incentives Provides opportunity for lateral transfer to another department 13

14 Heavy Equipment Operator

15 Fire Heavy Equipment Operator
Works primarily in departments that provide fire protection in Wildland areas Mostly in southwestern United States Operates bulldozers and other heavy equipment Constructs and maintains fire breaks and roads Usually a one-class position

16 Safety Section Retirement

17 Safety Section Retirement
Provided for extremely dangerous and stressful occupations Primarily includes fire and police Includes Higher levels of benefits Higher percentage at retirement

18 Firefighter (Forestry Aid) Wildland GS3

19 Firefighter (Forestry Aid) Wildland GS3
Seasonal jobs for entry level personnel Summer job for many college students Works in forest environment, often in extreme conditions Learns fuel management and fire suppression techniques Performs resource management tasks Can lead to more specialized positions

20 More Public Fire Protection Careers
Non-firefighting jobs Fire prevention specialist Fire hazardous materials program specialist Fire department training specialist Public fire safety/Education specialist Dispatcher/Tele-communicator

21 Fire Prevention Specialist

22 Fire Prevention Specialist
Requires knowledge of codes and ordinances Performs routine field checks of fire prevention systems Assists in inspections and gathering statistical data Writes reports and assists in record keeping Provides hazardous materials disclosure information

23 Fire Hazardous Materials Program Specialist

24 Fire Hazardous Materials Program Specialist
Requires chemistry or related degree Evaluates potential hazards of unused hazards and related materials Analyzes and maintains inventory of hazardous materials Serves as technical advisor to fire department Interprets laws and provides information to emergency personnel and the public

25 Fire Department Training Specialist

26 Fire Department Training Specialist
Requires education in instruction and evaluation Plans, develops, and produces training, information, and educational materials Presents training programs to fire department and general public Reviews training programs, standard operating procedures, and member ability Researches and recommends new programs

27 Public Fire Safety/Education Specialist

28 Public Fire Safety/Education Specialist
Ability to teach all age groups (see Figure 2-8) Provides public education within the community for all aspects of fire safety Coordinates community programs Organizes fund-raising activities

29 Dispatcher Tele-communicator

30 Dispatcher Tele-communicator
Requires computer knowledge, typing proficiency, and communication skills Firefighter position in some departments Receives calls and dispatches equipment Deals with emergency and non-emergency calls May be trained in Emergency Medical Dispatch

31 Private Fire Protection Careers
Firefighter Insurance companies representative Industry Fire protection systems engineer Fire protection system maintenance specialist Inventors

32 Private Fire Protection Careers

33 Firefighter Plant protection for industrial facilities
Example: Northrop Grumman Wildland firefighting companies Provide apparatus and crews May also deal with structural protection and hazardous materials

34 Insurance Companies

35 Insurance Companies Require fire technology personnel in loss prevention Inspectors Emergency plan developers Claims adjusters Investigators

36 Industry Employs firefighters, loss prevention specialists, and safety consultants Inspect properties for fire and other hazards Develop and present employee training programs

37 Fire Protection Systems Engineer

38 Fire Protection Systems Engineer
Requires advanced degree Designs fire protection systems Plans the installation of systems Designs specialized systems for system operations

39 Fire Protection System Maintenance Specialist
Sells, installs, and maintains fire protection equipment Services fire extinguishers annually Inspects and maintains fixed protection systems and equipment Sprinklers; systems to protect computer rooms, etc.

40 Invention and Innovation
Firefighters respond to need for new tools and techniques George Smith (FDNY) invented fire hydrant Edward Pulaski (USFS) invented Pulaski tool Firefighters developed FIRESCOPE Incident Command System (see Chapter 13) Captain Scott Park aided in development of Searchcam tool

41 Summary Fire technology degrees provide opportunities in public and private sectors There is stiff competition for firefighter positions Education and experience are assets Firefighting requires a wide range of specialties to perform duties Can work in a related field if medical requirements are not met

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