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Welcome to the Library/Media Center We’re Glad You’re Here!

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1 Welcome to the Library/Media Center We’re Glad You’re Here!

2 Library Staff/Hourss Mrs. DeFroscia –Here Every Day! –Just ask for help whenever you need it. I am glad to assist you We are open 8:45am-3:45pm (always with a pass)….

3 Library Etiquette Respect others –Quiet voices – others are trying to work or study Gum-Free Zone – NO GUM ALLOWED Leave the library the way you found it!! –Clean up after yourself –Push in your chairs –Return chairs to original place

4 Circulation— makes the books go ‘round! 2 week checkout period You may check out up to 5 books at a time However, no more than 1 book per author and 1 book per subject. You can renew a book once for another 2 weeks!

5 Fiction Arranged by author’s last name : –Fantasy and Science Fiction –Realistic (and Sports) –Ghost and Horror –Historical –Adventure –Animal –Mystery –Classics

6 Fiction, continued Within a genre, books are arranged in order of the author’s last name (first 3 letters). A book by Lloyd Alexander has a call number in the catalog of F ALE

7 Non-fiction books Dewey Decimal System –Books arranged by subject –easy for you to find books on a particular topic. EXAMPLE… A book about astronomy by Sager would have a call number of 520 SAG in the catalog. Other books on astronomy would also be in the 520s The spine label would look like this: 520 SAG

8 Dewey Decimal System Well, there was a man who wra­ngled books Gave chaos and mayhem dirty looks He grouped by subject on his shelves So people could find books for themselves. And his name… (ah ha!) His name was Melvil Dewey. (Dewey!) Yeah, his system is still in use today Dewey Decimal numbers will lead the way All minds that are alert and keen Can learn what the numbers mean All thanks … (Thanks to whom?) Thanks to Melvil Dewey. (Dewey!) Well, in the 000s you’ll find generalities: Computers, encyclopedias, and abnormalities. And the 100s are about your thoughts and feelings. Philosophy, psychology, and ghosts are its dealings. While 200s cover Greek and Roman mythology the world’s religions and its surrounding theology. While the 300s include the social sciences, Holidays, careers, and yes those government alliances. 400s have languages, and dictionaries for specifics also Spanish, sign language, and Egyptian hieroglyphics and Science is in 500s along with math, Experiments, astronomy, and nature’s wrath. Well 600s is for your science that’s applied inventions, and cooking, and buildings side by side 700s contain the arts with your crafts, your games, and your music as parts. Well 800s offer jokes, poetry and plays all supporting a literature craze 900s contain history and geography events of the world and its topography. By hundred groups the books were sorted nonfiction searching was better supported The Dewey Decimal System spread like wild fire All the librarians could not help but admire and to the rock star, lift a lighter For his name…was Melvil Dewey (Dewey!)

9 Biographies Biographies are… –books about a person’s life –Located on the set of shelves behind the computers Biographies’ call number … –Top line B –second line is the first 3 letters who the book is about. The spine label for a biography of Teddy Roosevelt would be: B ROO

10 Collected Biographies Collected biographies are books about several peoples’ lives. –Famous Queens –Ten Top Quarterbacks –Sports Greats Call number –First line - 920. –The second line - editor, author, or title. The spine label for Popular Biography 2008 looks like: 920 HAR

11 Reference Section Reference is used when you need to look up a quick answer. –Encyclopedias –Dictionaries –Almanacs –Specialized encyclopedias The call number has three lines. The spine label for Webster’s Rhyming Dictionary would look like this: R 410 WEB

12 Destiny Quest/Digital Resources

13 Library Computer Use You must have a pass from a teacher to use the computer. Leave passes at the circulation desk when you come in. You must have your planner beside you as you work. Computers are for school work only! If you are printing something, you must get paper from your teacher. No printing of pictures or articles more than 5 pages. Remember to leave the computers like they were… –Close out all applications, delete from the desktop, –Push in the chair

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