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Reconstruction Standard 3.3

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1 Reconstruction Standard 3.3

2 How can Northern resources help the South? Will they?
In what ways can the South rebuild its economy? What can the Government do to assist African Americans?

3 How is reconstruction going to work?
Abraham Lincoln’s plan Andrew Johnson’s plan Ten Percent Plan: Government would pardon all confederate states if 10% of the voters in the election took this oath of allegiance. *Excludes Confederate leaders & wealthy landowners •Congress rejects new Southern govts. and congressmen Radical Republicans think these plans are too lenient

4 Presidential Reconstruction

5 Radical Republicans- led by Thaddeus Stevens of Penn
Radical Republicans- led by Thaddeus Stevens of Penn. and Charles Sumner of Mass.- wanted to destroy all political power of former slaveholders Expected full rights to be given to freedmen Congress passes the Wade-Davis bill- that Congress should be over Reconst. - Lincoln vetoes- power struggle betw. Pres. and Congress

6 Lincoln dies- April 1865 Johnson’s plan does nothing to solve problems of landowning, voting and protection of the freed slaves Johnson pardoned Confederate leaders- many of the same people were elected Congress convenes and refuses to seat the new southern representatives

7 Congressional Reconstruction

8 Congressional Reconstruction
Reconstruction Act of 1867 divides Confederacy into districts-troops stationed in each Fourteenth Amendment grants full citizenship to African Americans Freedmen’s Bureau provides social services, medical care, education to Southern blacks and poor whites

9 Military Districts

10 Military Districts

11 Southern states passed Black Codes - laws that limited southern blacks politically, socially and economically- no blacks on juries- can’t carry guns, no travel without permits, etc.

12 Johnson is impeached! Johnson is impeached- he fired Sec. of War Stanton and broke the Tenure of Office Act Real reason for impeachment: b/c he did not enforce reconstruction laws in the South

13 Ulysses S. Grant (Union general) is elected president in 1868 and received 90% of African-American votes Fifteenth Amendment: African Americans are granted suffrage

14 Changes for African Americans
Hiram Revels: is first black senator (Miss.) Sharecropping: a family would farm a portion of someone’s land in exchange for housing and a share of the crop. Tenant Farming: families would rent the land and farm it. Ku Klux Klan: Southern group which formed during reconstruction and became a violent terrorist organization. Wanted to restore white supremacy

15 Sharecropping in Arkansas
Included both freed slaves and poor whites Farmed the land in exchange for part of the crop and housing

16 Ku Klux Klan meeting Known for cross burning and violence towards African Americans Developed during Reconstruction in the South

17 Southern Bitterness Carpetbaggers: Northerners who migrated South for business. Southerners saw these carpetbaggers as taking advantage of them. Scalawags: Southerners who supported reconstruction


19 Democrats redeem the South
*1876 Rutherford B. Hayes Republican) is elected president (over Samuel J. Tilden)- election was questioned The Compromise of 1877 – struck deal election Hayes and ending Reconstruction Southern state governments redeem their power in the South and reconstruction ends (Redemption Governments)

20 Jim Crow laws kept the races separate by segregating facilities – Plessy v. Ferguson said separation of the races is legal as long as the facilities are equal Literacy tests, poll taxes and the Grandfather clause keep African Americans from voting

21 End of Reconstruction

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