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By: Kobe Carroll

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1 By: Kobe Carroll

2  Abraham Lincoln was the 16 th president of the U.S.A.. He inspired many people. He was honest, and he freed slaves. He also wrote great speeches.

3  Abe was assassinated by John Wilks Booth at Fords Theater.

4  After The Battle of Gettysburg Lincoln gave one of his most famous speeches, The Gettysburg Address. l

5  Lincoln was a captain in the army and left to fight the Indians in the Black Hawk War.

6  When Abe was about 9, his mother died of a milk sickness, his brother died at birth, and his sister died while having her first child.

7  Abe wrote the Emancipation Proclamation freeing all slaves in the south.

8  Abe is on the front and his memorial is on the back of the five dollar bill.

9  Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg Address and read it at the burying of the soldiers from The Battle of Gettysburg.

10  Lincoln was a hero to slaves because he freed them with the Emancipation Proclamation.

11  If Lincoln’s security stayed, he wouldn’t have been assassinated.

12  The Battle of Gettysburg was fought on July 1-3.

13  He was very keen. He was smart enough to become president.

14  Abe Lincoln has a memorial in Washington D.C. called Lincoln Memorial.

15  Mary Todd Lincoln was Abe’s wife and is buried at his family tomb.

16  He never stopped until he ended slavery in the confederate (southern) states.

17  Abe was smart and had an open mind to find new ideas.

18  He was the president of the U.S.A. and made a law that all slaves in the south are free.

19  Abe fought for African American people’s freedom and one day freed them.

20  Robert was Lincoln’s son that lived the longest. He lived to be 83 years old, older than Abe.

21  Lincoln hated slavery his whole life. When he became president he didn’t stop until he stopped it.

22  Tad was Lincoln’s other son. Tad died at the age of 4.

23  Harriet Tubman was a conductor on the underground Railroad. Eventually Abe freed all slaves.

24  Abe achieved many goals like becoming president and freeing slavery.

25  Willie was Lincoln’s other son. He lived to be 18 years old.

26  Lincoln was 56 years old when he was assassinated.

27  When he was young his mother died and Abe had to cut wood for the house,and worked with his father.

28  Abe was very excited about making a law to free slavery.

29  Abraham Lincoln was a very determinate person. He never gave up. If he started something he would not stop until he was done.

30  Helen Kourtras Bozonelis, 200 Years with Abraham Lincoln, Enslow Publishers, Inc., Berkeley Heights, 2008

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