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Nedeljko Latinović Biotechnical Faculty University of Montenegro Kick-off meeting on 544595-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-HR-TEMPUS-JPHES project "Lifelong learning.

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Presentation on theme: "Nedeljko Latinović Biotechnical Faculty University of Montenegro Kick-off meeting on 544595-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-HR-TEMPUS-JPHES project "Lifelong learning."— Presentation transcript:

1 Nedeljko Latinović Biotechnical Faculty University of Montenegro Kick-off meeting on 544595-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-HR-TEMPUS-JPHES project "Lifelong learning for sustainable agriculture in Alps-Danube-Adriatic Region – LifeADA" Zagreb, 27th and 28th February, 2014

2 Introduction of LLL into Montenegrin social reality is only beginning… The objective is to create synergy with social partners which have contacts with employers, with the labor market and which influence on defining of the national qualifications framework. On the way of European integration and following the principles of Bologna Declaration, Montenegro recognized the importance of LLL which is included in the Strategy for Higher education Development and Financing.

3 Key Strategic Documents Adopted within Education and Training Framework Strategy for Adult Education in Montenegro (2005-2015) Adult Education Action Plan (2010-2014) Strategy of the Vocational Education Development (2010-2014) Action Plan for Implementing the Strategy of Education Training Development in Montenegro (2010-2011) Strategy for Lifelong Entrepreneurial Learning (2008-2013) Strategy for Introduction of the Montenegrin Qualification Framework (2008- 2013) Strategy for Establishment of the National Qualification Framework in Montenegro (2008-2010) Strategy for Development and Financing of Higher Education in Montenegro (2011 – 2020) as well as pending: National Strategy for Lifelong Career Guidance (2011-2016)

4 Key Strategic Documents Adopted within Employment Framework National Strategy on Employment and Human Resources Development (2007-2011) National Action Plan for Employment 2008-2009 and 2010-2011 Human Resources Development - Montenegro 2017 NYAP – National Youth Action Plan (2007-20012) Strategy for Integration of People with Disabilities in Montenegro (2008-2016) as well as pending: National Employment Strategy (2012-2017) and four local employment strategies adapted for the municipalities in the North of Montenegro.

5 Lifelong Learning Strategic Plan documents have the purpose to identify strategies that can assist University to develop its lifelong learning (LLL) function and offer flexible and adaptable programmes and courses that will be compatible with the fast changing labour market and societal needs of Montenegro and the region. University of Montenegro LLL Strategic Plan

6 University Strategic LLL Goals for the Next Five Years: adopt lifelong learning as a mind-set in the culture of the University and Montenegrin society as a whole strengthen our teaching, scientific research and our service to the society by implementation of LLL approach and activities build and employ synergistic partnerships at different levels and extend our reach to the new groups of learners

7 University Career Development Centre Career Development Centre established in cooperation with the Employment Agency to provide appropriate guidance and resources to students to help them identify, develop and successfully implement their career related goals  Facilitate lifelong career development and assist students in career decision making and the implementation of their career choices,  Provide online coaching, personal coaching or group coaching through workshops on different topics including CV writing, launching LinkedIn Profile, job search, information interviewing, interest assessment, decision making, stress management and other topics

8 Examples of good practice Two pilot courses to be accredited – labor market needs defined through focus groups in the relevant areas, such as:  Tourism  Physiotherapy Tourist animators – courses at the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management Physiotherapists – preventive physiotherapy at the Faculty of Applied Physiotherapy Start January 2013

9 Further steps to be taken RECOGNITION OF PRIOR LEARNING activities Input for future Guidelines on Recognition of Prior Learning: who should be involved in the RPL process both from the academic community and the social stakeholders possible target groups for RPL how the process would be conducted (organizational structure, management and advisory aspects).

10 UoM introduced its own working definition for LLL as: A continued education and training of citizens of Montenegro and neighboring regions including all academic levels and all forms of learning (formal, non formal, or informal) through structured courses or activities at the University and through the formed partnerships. It refers to an individual’s opportunity to acquire knowledge, qualifications and skills throughout his/her life, as well as the capacity to have his/her prior learning recognized (whether personal, civic, social, professional or employment-based learning). University’s LLL should include all type of education: adult education and continuing training, on-the-job competence development and liberal adult education activities in their leisure time.

11 Formal learning Degree courses with assessment that enables students to earn credits toward recognized awards and qualifications such as Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral programs traditionally offered by the universities Non-formal learning Vocational skills acquired at the workplace or short courses that may include formative assessment that often do not lead to the award of academic credit but help build professional competencies (such as Language training, Teacher training, Professional development, courses for senior citizens, etc.). These courses may entitle some type of certification and are frequently structured under European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) to allow LLL students to later profit from these experiences towards a formal Bachelor, Master or Doctorate degree. Informal learning Different courses organized by community or open educational resources developed and made available online by universities to anyone who wishes to study them. It represents loosely structured periods of learning which rarely include assessment and do not lead to the award of academic credit. Forms of Learning Included in LLL

12 Key Aspects for Developing LLL Concept Diversification of UoM partnerships in other to achieve their LLL educational goals Local and national authorities (e.g., Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science, other ministries) Employment offices (e.g., Employment Agency of Montenegro) Domestic and International companies, business sector Trade Unions and professional organizations (e.g. Chamber of Economy of Montenegro, Centre for Vocational Education, Union of employers) Educational institutions Individual Experts in the field

13 How does the LLL concept relates to the overall University ‘s strategy Based on the University’s existing strategic plans and guidelines, the LLL concept may be organized around few major areas: academic teaching, research and innovation. Teaching: To meet the LLL needs of individuals, communities and organizations To widen access to a more diversified student population To strengthen the relations between Academic Teaching programmes and LLL Research and Innovation: Consider LLL initiatives as potential means to transfer research-based knowledge from the university towards the community and society in general. To establish links between the University academic research and LLL through competitive research, internal evaluation of research groups. Academic Teaching Mission: Bachelor, Master, PhD Programme UoM Research and Innovation Mission: World Class Academic Research and Translation of knowledge in innovation Lifelong Learning Teaching Mission Education relevant to Work/Employability, Interests, Health & Lifestyle of citizens

14 Thank you!

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