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4 A Methodology that is PROVEN PRACTICAL EFFECTIVELY INTEGRATED SCALABLE CUSTOMIZABLE And provides benefits like… o Effective implementation of the right solutions and services at the right cost o Successful change initiatives encompassing business, organization, people, process, and technology dimensions o Reducing Project and Business Risks o Realizing Business Value o Explicitly Defined Roles and Responsibilities

5 Macroscope methodology helps explore and understand the business-IT value cycle and its impacts before embarking on transformational initiatives. Macroscope helps you provide the answers through a set of process domains…

6 Define Business Vision Identify Necessary Initiatives Select Value Investments Harvest Benefits Define Business Capabilities Organize and manage projects Design, build and maintain Solution

7 Business and IT Strategy Business and IT Architecture System Delivery / Maintenance and Project Management Program and Portfolio Management Each Macroscope process domain offers a user-friendly information-rich interface that comprises of… o A menu panel containing all substantial information about the processes o A set of deliverables to gauge tangible results while executing the processes o Pre-defined customizable roles and responsibilities o Guidelines, job aids and other accelerators

8 StrategyForum provides a management framework to: o Understand the organization's business strategy o Transform the vision into target strategies o Support strategic decision-making o Predict the strategic impact of major restructuring o Monitor the strategies on an ongoing basis

9 The process guides the documentation and understanding of an organization's business strategy through three main phases: o Situation Assessment To understand and document the strategic reality of the organization: Where are we? o Strategy Definition To document and confirm the strategic direction of the organization in terms of a strategic target: Where do we want to be? o Determination of actions To establish a coherent course of action: How do we want to get there?

10 ArchitectureLab provides an engineering approach to: o Determining the changes to business capabilities and IT architectures required to support the business strategy o Defining the new capabilities of the enterprise o Configuring the changes into business solutions o Re-designing a business process o Planning the evolution of a technology infrastructure o Managing the evolution of architecture

11 The process defines an optimal set of capabilities for the organization through four main phases: o Context Description To determine the scope and nature of the architecture assignment required to fulfill the identified business needs. o Business Definition To refine the business needs defined in the previous phase and to develop criteria to evaluate one or more business architecture solutions. o Capability Configuration To define the capabilities related to the target architecture and plan the proper release to the business - This phase is repeated for each release defined in the previous phase. o Capability Release To select a preferred set of business solutions to implement a particular release - This phase is repeated for each release defined in the previous phase.

12 For a more effective yet simplified implementation, ArchitectureLab is supported by ArchitectureLab Workbench tool

13 A set of models representing and simulating the organization’s processes.

14 ProductivityCentre provides a proven & comprehensive approach to: o Design, deliver and implement new information systems o Maintain and evolve newly developed or legacy applications o Select, adapt and implement commercial packaged solutions Solution Implementation This process is the ProductivityCentre entry point, and is generally used to define, design, construct and implement information system solutions. Solution Operation And Maintenance This process is used to operate, monitor, support and evolve the information systems, once they are implemented in the organization's live environment.

15 Macroscope encourages accelerated development of solution by incorporating Agile Delivery approach. This approach helps to adapt processes as per specific environments.

16 ResultStation ensures that: o Business benefits from investments are identified, measured and monitored o Critical actions and conditions are identified to realize business benefits o Business Change Programs are identified and valued o Full governance is put in place This process is used to manage a set of multiple programs, whereby an organization makes strategic decisions to invest in business opportunities, based on an assessment of the comparative value of programs. This process guides the identification, development and implementation of business change programs, focusing on the realization of business value, and the organizational change needed to achieve that value.

17 For a more effective yet simplified implementation, ResultStation is supported by the; RC Visio Modeler A tool to visualize the benefits realization roadmap through the Results Chain™ technique.

18 Provides a rigorous yet flexible, simple and intuitive method to: o Efficiently initiate, plan, control, execute and properly close project- based initiatives o Ensure delivery of expected deliverables on time and on budget o Increase the maturity level of your project Management practice This process assists in clarifying the mandate and context of the project and starting it up. This process defines objectives, selects the best courses of action for attaining the project objectives, and organizing the project to succeed. This process encompasses project leadership, scope control, and the coordination of project activities to get the work done as laid out in the approved project plan. This process involves following up on the progress of the project, comparing the actual work accomplished against the project plan and taking corrective actions. This process consists of formalizing acceptance of the end product, wrapping up the project, and winding down activities in an orderly fashion.

19 Define / Confirm Business Vision Define Business Capabilities Design, Build, Maintain Solution Realize Change Harvest Benefits Identify Targeted Outcomes Identify Necessary Initiatives Select Value Investment Organize ProjectManage the Project

20 For a more effective yet simplified implementation, Macroscope offers complementary tools such as…

21 The Deliverable Assistant is an unique tool which enables: o A faster and easier project start-up o Proper organization of all the requisite deliverables o A consistent look and feel for all deliverables

22 Macroscope has distilled more than 30 years of its invaluable experience into an integrated suite of methodologies that aim at supporting any organization’s key processes and practices. Macroscope – an integrated set of best practices to help you take care of your business-IT alignment initiatives Macroscope can be summarized as: o An integrated best practice repository (processes, guidelines, examples, templates, etc.) o A customizable framework (integrating client's own best practices) o A methodology supported by effective deployment and training services Macroscope is one of the world’s richest set of integrated, standardized processes that help organization’s manage change with confidence. Macroscope helps our managers keep projects on track and improve our ability to exceed expectations regarding project deliverables. - Brad Brown, Recreational Equipment Inc. A key part of our effort to deliver higher quality application systems in less time for lower cost. - Richard Metz, The Boeing Company Helps the City not only select initiatives based on value, but also achieve that value over time. - Joni Mines, City of Edmonton “ ”

23 Macroscope ® is a registered trademark of Fujitsu Consulting (Canada) Inc. Fujitsu ® is a registered trademark of Fujitsu Limited. For licensing and pricing information, email: TO RECEIVE A MENTION PRIORITY CODE 411.


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