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Estonia - Latvia Programme 2007 - 2013 Anu Roomere Managing Authority Budapest, 15.10.2013.

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2 Estonia - Latvia Programme 2007 - 2013 Anu Roomere Managing Authority Budapest, 15.10.2013

3 Programme area

4 Priority 1: Increased cohesion of the Programme area Transport connections, IT, environment, public services Priority 2: Higher competitiveness of the Programme area Entrepreneurship development, tourism, training and practical education Priority 3: Active, sustainable and integrated communities Grass-root and community level cooperation Programme priorities and main areas of support

5 Programme in numbers

6 Number of submitted projects - 234

7 Thematic fields of the supported projects Community level cooperation Education/ science/ technology Tourism

8 Coverage of the partners by countries

9 Coverage of the partners by the type of organizations

10 ERDF (in EUR)

11 ERDF funding by priorities (EUR)


13 Environment Cultural Heritage - Mapping cultural heritage sites – around 20,000 sites like cult springs, homesteads, stone fences etc were mapped and geo-websites produced Gauja-Koiva - Developing of joint standards and plans for the management of Gauja-Koiva river – river shared by Estonians and Latvians Gulf of Riga as a Resource for Wind Energy - Scientific research for future wind park developers and policy makers on wind energy fields, the most affected key natural species populations and social reactions, and economic benefits for the entire Gulf of Riga region

14 Business Development GoodFruit – Establishment of joint Fruit and Berry Product Development Competence Centre involving know-how and applied research and product development facilities and equipment ; modernization of storage technologies; assistance to marketing Protolab Network – Creation of integrated network of Protolabs (Product Development, Training and Testing Centres) to provide assistance in fine mechanics and rapid prototyping to the businesses to ease product development process

15 Tourism development Beach Hopping – 7 coastal municipalities improved their life-guard services and beach safety as well as upgraded beach facilities and infrastructure to make the places more attractive ViSoEst by bike – 1296 km long bicycle route established going through EE and LV accompanied by special signs Tour de LatEst, bicycle parking facilities, resting places, informative stands Increasing attractiveness of Valga-Valka (twin towns on the border) – Recreation places improved; technical project prepared for the larger objects to be built in the future: ice-hall; Valga-Valka visitors’ centre

16 Estonia – Latvia Programme 2014-2020 The Member States decided to launch the Estonia – Latvia Programme 2014-2020 Joint Programming Committee (JPC) was set up - responsible for the preparation of the new programme Consultations with stakeholders in both countries As a result of consultations, the cooperation areas were identified and joint stakeholder seminars were held to further investigate the actual needs.

17 Based on consultations, the following thematic objectives were agreed : Enhancing the competitiveness of small and medium- sized enterprises (SME development) Preserving and protecting the environment and promoting resource efficiency (Environment) Promoting sustainable transport and removing bottlenecks in key network infrastructures (Transport) Promoting sustainable and quality employment and supporting labour mobility (Labour Market) Estonia – Latvia Programme 2014-2020

18 Thank you for the attention!

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