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After the War – The Effects

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1 After the War – The Effects

2 Chapter 23-5 Terms Fourteen Points: League of Nations: Reparations:
The peace plan, proposed by Woodrow Wilson, to end World War I and restructure the countries of Europe League of Nations: An association of nations created to preserve peace and resolve international disputes Reparations: Payments made by the losing country in a war for damages caused by the war

3 Wilson’s Fourteen Points
Woodrow Wilson Woodrow Wilson’s peace plan focused on: boundary changes international relations (how countries respond to one another) Self-determination The right of the people to decide how they are governed League of Nations

4 League of Nations Wilson’s Final Point
The League’s members would help preserve peace and prevent future wars

5 The Peace Conference Big 4
U.S. (Wilson), Great Britain (George), France (Clemenceau), and Italy (Orlando) European leaders weren’t happy with The Fourteen Points To forgiving and trusting Wilson made many concessions (gave up) in his Fourteen Points Treaty of Versailles

6 Treaty of Versaillies

7 Treaty of Versailles Germany accepted responsibility and had to pay billions in reparations Germany had to completely disarm Germany, Austria-Hungary and Russia’s borders were changed to create new nations Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Finland

8 Opposition at Home Much of Congress had issues with the treaty. Henry Cabot Lodge in the Senate changed much of the treaty The treaty and the League of Nations were both rejected in the Senate America signed individual treaties with nations and never joins the League of nations

9 Mental Effects After the War
Shell Shock (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Soldiers with trauma of life in the trenches Tics Soldiers had involuntary body twitches Disillusionment with the government People no longer believed their government knew what was in their best interest

10 Cost of the War World War I killed more people--9 million combatants and 5 million civilians cost more money--$186 billion in direct costs and another $151 billion in indirect costs--than any previous war in history.

11 Boundaries of Europe Changed
Europe 1914 – Before the War Europe 1920 – After the War

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