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Presented by Steve Beutler, Career Counselor Minot Public Schools Minot, North Dakota.

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1 Presented by Steve Beutler, Career Counselor Minot Public Schools Minot, North Dakota

2  Minot - middle of the state about 60 miles from the Canadian border.  Minot Air Force Base- 10 miles north.  Total population including the Base is 44,166 people.  Minot Public Schools include 12 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, and 2 high schools.  Total enrollment is 6,491 students.

3  Agriculture Education  Auto Collision & Repair  Automotive Technology  Business & Information Systems Technology  Career Development  Character Counts!  Computer-Aided Drafting & Design  Computer Electronics & Information Technology  Computer Networking  Construction Technology  Family & Consumer Sciences  Health Careers  Marketing Education  Phi Delta Kappa Chapter 1403  Technology Education  Welding

4  Give you a Career Development Website on CD  Show you how to load it  Edit Text  Add and delete a row on a table  Copy & Paste  Edit a web link or add a new one  Add & delete graphics  Edit borders  Show you how to capture an entire website off the web

5  Website is easy to navigate and find information.  Easy to load onto your server with assistance from your district’s technology department.  Once you load the website, you will need to check web-links and edit the website a couple times a year. –Porn sites love to purchase career web addresses  Highlights of the Career Development Resources: –National Career Development Guidelines –ACT Math Sample Test –GOCollege- Free ACT/SAT Sample Test –Apprenticeship Sponsor Search Tool  Career Development Resources Career Development Resources Career Development Resources


7  Click: My Computer  Insert the CD  If the CD doesn’t open automatically, Click My Computer, then click the icon for the CD Drive.

8  Click on the Career Folder and drag it to your desktop.  You will work from your desktop, but will keep the master on your CD.

9  Open the career folder to view the contents.  Then select and open your web design software.

10  Dreamweaver  Microsoft Front Page  Claris Home Page Open Your Software

11 To Open Your Webpage: (Step 1) Click File, then Open.

12 (Step 2) Browse your choices and click Desktop, then click Career, then click Open

13 (Step 3) Click development, then click Open.

14 Once the web page is open you may edit text. To Edit Text: (Step 1) Highlight the text, Minot Public Schools and type the name of your school.

15 To Edit Text: (Step 1) Highlight the text and type the changes.

16 Your Done!

17 To Add a Row to Your Table: (Step 1) Double Click the last row on the table.

18 (Step 2) Click Add Row.

19 (Step 3) Your Row has been added.

20 To Add a Link: (Step 1) Type the link title in the new row. Then highlight the title. (Step 2) Click the Text Link to resize the text so it matches existing text.

21 (Step 3) Click the Link Editor.

22 (Step 4) Type the Web Address. (Step 5) Type _blank in the Target Frame. _blank typed in the Target Frame will make the link open up in a new web page, where _self will make the link replace the existing page

23 Your Done!

24 To Copy & Paste: (Step 1) Click on the Image. (Step 2) Click Edit, then Copy.

25 (Step 3) Click the location where you want to paste the image. (Step 4) Click Edit, then Paste.

26 Your Done!

27 To Delete the Row: (Step 1) Double click on the row. (Step 2) Click on Remove Row.

28 Now its gone. Your Done!

29 To Edit a Web Link: (Step 1) Web Links become broken when the web address is changed by the person who created it. Highlight the link to be edited. (Step 2) Click the Link Editor.

30 (Step 3) Highlight the address and type the new one. Your Done!

31 To Insert an Image (Step 1) Click the area where you want to place the image or picture. (Step 2) Click Insert, then Image.

32 (Step 3) Browse to find your image file in your career folder and click the image you want to insert. (Step 4) Click Open.

33 (Step 5) The image may show up with a blue border. Double click the image to edit. (Step 6) Type 0 in the Border box.

34 Your Done!

35 To Delete an Image: (Step 1) Click the Image. (Step 2) Click Edit, then click cut, or press your delete button on your keyboard.

36 Your Done!

37 To Save Your Document: (Step 1) It is a good idea to save periodically while editing your web page. Click Edit, then Save. Your Done!

38 To Capture a Complete Webpage off the Internet: (Step 1) Open the webpage.

39 (Step 2) Click on File, then Save As.

40 (Step 3) Browse and choose where you want to save the webpage. (Step 4) Be sure you have selected Web Page Complete if you want to include all files and images. (Step 5) Click Save. Your Done!

41 Career Development Resources: Career Development Resources Instruction Handbook


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