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Travel Policy Commonwealth Business Travel Group Miami, FL November 5, 2009.

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1 Travel Policy Commonwealth Business Travel Group Miami, FL November 5, 2009

2 Why talk about Travel Policy?

3 Travel Policy Fundamentals Company ◦ Greatest cost savings, control and cost avoidance ◦ Policy and expectations ◦ Company benefits ◦ Corporate social responsibility Agency ◦ Great sales opportunity – pre and post ◦ Insight to how to work with company ◦ Helps prove agency value

4 Trends and biggest changes Online vs. paper Pre-approvals Advance purchase requirements Changes / cancellations Preferred supplier usage Employee vs. Travel vs. Expense policy (ies) How to book travel How to pay for travel

5 Trends and biggest changes cont. Insurance review Ancillary fees Actual receipts vs. per diems Integration of global policy Reimbursable vs. Nonreimbursable Other ◦ Parking, trip modeling, etc. Measureable policies

6 Measureable Policy Performance Pre and post ◦ Pre-approvals and notifications ◦ Daily / weekly / monthly / quarterly ◦ Annual Reviews ◦ Summaries vs. details Sample reports – summary and detail ◦ Online vs. offline ◦ Advance purchase ◦ Changes - Exchanges ◦ Preferred supplier usage ◦ Travel payment ◦ Ancillary fees

7 Components of a policy Purpose and expectation Travel program contacts How to book travel Air, hotel and ground transportation Payment and Reimbursement Miscellaneous ◦ Insurance ◦ Emergency Assistance ◦ Ancillary fees ◦ Meals and business entertainment ◦ Reimbursable vs. nonreimbursable

8 Components Details Purpose and expectation Travel program contacts ◦ Executive sponsor ◦ Responsible contact title and info

9 Components Details How to book travel ◦ Agency info ◦ Online booking tool  Agent vs. online expectation ◦ Approval processes – contacts ◦ Profile ◦ Billable/Nonbillable or project differences

10 Components Details - Air Lowest applicable fare definition Frequent Flyer / User programs Class of service - Upgrades Company contracted carriers Advance booking Nonrefundable vs. refundable fares ◦ Changes and cancellation policy ◦ Saturday stay reimbursement policy Illegal booking practices ◦ Back-to-back ticketing / Point beyonds

11 Components Details - Air cont. Ancillary fees ◦ Preferred or advance seating fees ◦ Baggage allowance and fees ◦ On-flight Food/beverage reimbursement ◦ In-flight internet/online services ◦ Lost luggage policy Denied boarding compensation Electronic tickets TSA and ESTA requirements

12 Components Detail - Ground Contracted suppliers Car size Insurance Accident process Use of private-owned vehicles ◦ Mileage reimbursement / driving vs. flying Miscellaneous fees ◦ GPS / Traffic violations / Refueling / Parking Taxi Black car service

13 Components Detail - Lodging ◦ Contracted hotels ◦ Long-term accommodations ◦ Hotel upgrades ◦ Property quality ◦ Hotel frequency stay programs ◦ Security ◦ Miscellaneous fees  Hotel guarantees  no-show  early departure  In-room charges (movies, mini-bar, etc.)

14 Components Detail - Insurance Theft Baggage Car Medical

15 Components – Payment/Reimburse Process  Expense link / forms  Approvals  Receipt requirements  File/payment expectations Company vs. personal card Cash Advances Currency conversion fees VAT Reclaim Audit?

16 Components Detail – Misc. Phone ◦ Cell / blackberry / phone cards / call reimburse Internet reimbursement Laundry / dry cleaning Tipping guidelines Airport Parking Visa / Passport

17 Components Detail – Misc. cont. Business / personal travel combination Spouse/family travel Airline club memberships Travel Agency fees Lost Luggage Travel advisory resources Vaccinations

18 Components Detail – Misc. cont. Travel letters Meals Per diems Business Entertainment policy Business gifts policy Executives / employees on same plane

19 Policy Exposure Executive support / endorsement Paper / Online  Company newsletter – bulletin board  Company intranet  All-company email status updates  Competition Display –or- The Shame Game  New Employee communication/meeting  All-company meetings  Department meetings

20 Policy Exposure cont. Agency support ◦ Regular meeting topic ◦ Partnership Annual review ◦ Online booking tool home page ◦ Agency signature line ◦ Agent educators

21 Advice Use Travel Policy to… ◦ Get ◦ Retain Make money in the process by… ◦ Consulting ◦ ROI

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