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Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University April 2013. HRH Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Bin Abdulaziz Founder and Patron of the University.

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1 Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University April 2013

2 HRH Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Bin Abdulaziz Founder and Patron of the University

3 Saudi Cultural Religious and Ethical Values International Educational Knowledge and expertise


5 Vision The University founders’ vision is for PMU to be a unique and distinguished higher education institution that participates in:  Preparing future leaders in various fields of human knowledge and its application.  Enriching and developing intelligence.  Exploring innovative methodologies and technologies to achieve its objectives.  Breaking the barrier between academic and business society.

6 Mission The university mission is to achieve the following objectives:   Contribute to advancement of human intelligence and promulgation and development of knowledge.   Prepare specialized candidates in various field of human knowledge through utilizing modem technologies in the education process.   Transform the graduate to play a pioneering and leading role in the community

7 Mission (contd.)   Link academic programs and specializations with actual requirements of the surrounding work environment. This will be undertaken by maintaining effective participation and cooperation between the University and local business firms.   Guide research activities to create solutions for persistent problems in surrounding communities, through applied research and technical consultation.   Provide community service through continuous training and education.

8 Scope of Influence


10 Guiding the University Sytem

11 Defining Characteristics

12 Core – The Heart of Education Credit Hour System English Medium Of Instruction Preparation Program Core Curriculum Business Administration Computer Engineering and Science Engineering Arts and Sciences

13 CORE COMPETENCIES CommunicationProblem SolvingLeadership Critical Thinking Tech CompetenceTeamwork

14 Degree Programs College of Engineering Mechanical Engineering (Male) Electrical Engineering (Male) Civil Engineering (Male) Interior Design (Female) College of Computer Engineering and Sciences Computer Science (Male & Female) Computer Engineering (Male & Female) Information Technology (Male & Female) College of Business Accounting (Male & Female) Finance (Male & Female) Business Administration (Male & Female) Management Information System (Male & Female) Human Resources Management (Male & Female) Executive Master of Business Administration (Male & Female) College of Arts and Sciences Law Master of Education and Human Development

15 Learning Environment  Learning environment  Technology infused in all university activities  Imparting global competencies for students  Learning e-portfolio development for all students  Experienced Multicultural Faculty  Campus facilities enhancing the learning process  Flexible & caters for the students needs  Learning outcomes oriented

16 Learning Modes Utilized  Reflective Student  Undergraduate Research  Service Learning  Peer Learning  Self Directed Learning  Experimental & Real World Learning  Problem Solving

17 Student Services Student Orientation Student Leadership & Student Clubs & Services Community Service

18 Career Services Career Counseling Employment Office Transition School to Work

19 Learning Resources Center



22 Focus Areas

23 Strategic Focus Areas Enablers Faculty/Staff Technology Quality Education Global Graduates Diversity Research with Impact Community focused activities Outreach Funding PMU Five-Year Strategic Plan: 2012-2016

24 Professional Development Center

25 Scientific Research Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Prince Nayef Bin Abdulaziz Prince Salman Bin Abdulaziz Aramco

26 Accreditation Local Accreditation with NCAAA Accreditation with International Professional Organizations

27 صفحة 38  37 Global Partners –Academic Partnerships –Education Partnerships –Industrial Partnerships  Current: UK, USA, KSA, Australia, Netherlands, India, Egypt Netherlands, India, Egypt and Ireland  New developments: Japan, China and Singapore Japan, China and Singapore Partnerships

28 Roadmap for Sustainable Growth Expansion in Graduate & Academic Programs University Endowment Science Park Innovation Center Centers for Excellence Centers for Excellence Endowed Chairs University Housing University Housing Expansion in Strategic Partnership Prince Sultan College for the Visually Impaired

29 Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz College for the Visually Impaired Vision -Provide the best environment to help the visually impaired to overcome their impairment and integrate into the community Mission -Prepare and qualify the visually impaired to be self sufficient and integrate into the community and fulfill their ambitions in life. College For the Visually Impaired

30 30 External View of Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz College for the Visually Impaired

31 31 Internal View of Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz College for the Visually Impaired

32 Starting the establishing process of the College of Medicine.  Signed agreement with King Khaled Medical City.  Academic and Architectural designs in progress. College of Medicine

33 Thank you صفحة 39

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