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Presented by: Mary Gautier, CARA Rick Krivanka, Diocese of Cleveland CPPCD – April 11, 2010 (updated 4-26-11) 2000 to 2010: Trends in Parish Life and Ministry.

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1 Presented by: Mary Gautier, CARA Rick Krivanka, Diocese of Cleveland CPPCD – April 11, 2010 (updated 4-26-11) 2000 to 2010: Trends in Parish Life and Ministry from the Faith Communities Today Interfaith Research Project

2 FAITH Communities TODAY Project Background & Resources from an interfaith perspective 2010 Catholic Survey Insights Initial 2000 to 2010 Catholic Survey Comparisons OVERVIEW

3 FAITH Communities TODAY FAITH COMMUNITIES TODAY Faith Communities Today (FACT) is a series of ongoing research reports about congregational life conducted by the Cooperative Congregations Studies Partnership (CCSP), an interfaith group of religious researchers and leaders. CCSP consists of members from 25+ different faith groups, working in conjunction with Hartford Seminary / Hartford Institute for Religion Research. The first national benchmark study was issued in 2000 with 41 groups. National studies were done in 2005 and 2008. The latest 2010 FACT research is being reported.

4 FAITH Communities TODAY PARTICIPATION Denominations and religious groups participating can be clustered as follows: Catholic Historic Black Protestant Independent Protestant Mainline Protestant Evangelical Protestant Orthodox Christian Other Christian Jewish Baha'is Muslim

5 FAITH Communities TODAY WHO RESPONDS TO THE SURVEY? A “Key Informant” in each congregation was asked to complete the survey. A “Key Informant” is a designated senior leader within a congregation.

6 FAITH Communities TODAY TYPE OF QUESTIONS ASKED worship outreach organization history participation Data from the survey touches on every aspect of congregational life: programs leadership identity & ethos location & building finances

7 FAITH Communities TODAY RESOURCES AVAILABLE NATIONAL RESEARCH REPORTS: Conducted every 5 years, these reports have addressed useful data about aspects of congregational life such as growth, social outreach, conflict and finances Reports are currently available for 2000, 2005, 2008 – and will be for 2010.

8 FAITH Communities TODAY RESOURCES AVAILABLE INSIGHTS MONOGRAPHS: These topical reports seek to connect research findings with potential steps for action. You’ll find the publications easy to read and filled with helpful ideas for dealing with important issues facing your congregation today. –Insights Into: The Compassionate CongregationInsights Into: The Compassionate Congregation –Insights Into: Congregational ConflictInsights Into: Congregational Conflict –Insights Into: Financial GivingInsights Into: Financial Giving –Insights Into: Church GrowthInsights Into: Church Growth –FACTS on GrowthFACTS on Growth –Interfaith Facts: Meet your neighborInterfaith Facts: Meet your neighbor

9 FAITH Communities TODAY RESOURCES AVAILABLE E-NEWSLETTER: Timely articles are written by experts on congregational life. Topics include congregational vitality, attracting new members, the importance of youth ministries, what small churches can learn from mega churches, how baby boomers are remaking American religion, social media as an outreach tool, and stewardship in hard times. Subscribe to this newsletter on the FACT website.Subscribe to this newsletter

10 FAITH Communities TODAY RESOURCES AVAILABLE WEBINARS AND ON-LINE COURSES: Part presentation, part classroom course, part roundtable dialogue group, these webinars help you share your concerns, pose questions and learn from experts. Go online to find out about future webinars.

11 FAITH Communities TODAY Clear sense of mission Uplifting joyful worship (And music matters!) Strong commitment to social justice and community outreach (Breadth of social ministries correlates with high-vitality congregations) FACT INSIGHTS: FACTORS CONTRIBUTING TO CONGREGATIONAL GROWTH


13 FAITH Communities TODAY Oldest founded in 1704 and the newest in 2010. Half are at least one hundred years old, founded in 1913 or before. The average parish seats about 500 people and the median seating capacity is 425. Half report that they have enough space for worship, parking, and religious education. A third need more space for social gatherings, meetings, and religious education and two in five need more space for parking.

14 FAITH Communities TODAY Three in four celebrate a Sunday Vigil Mass Typically have two Sunday morning Masses, but 28% have one and 25% have three Median parish attendance is 555 The average parish is filled to about 45 percent of capacity on a typical weekend, but 10 percent are filled to three-quarters of capacity or more

15 FAITH Communities TODAY

16 Six in ten parishes are administered by one pastor with no associate pastors. A third are administered by a senior pastor with one or more associate pastors The average age of the parish leader is 59. Half of parishes have had this leader 5 years or less. The parish leader spends “a great deal” of time –Planning and leading worship (37%) –Administration, supervision, and meetings (37%)

17 FAITH Communities TODAY Median total budget of $350,000 in 2009 Half spent 40 percent or more of the total budget on staff salaries and benefits 57% report that the parish’s income declined as a result of the 2008-2009 economic crisis. 13% initial decline, but has since rebounded. A fifth had no significant change in income and a tenth experienced income growth since the crisis.

18 FAITH Communities TODAY


20 Nine in ten use e-mail on a regular basis Three in four have a parish website One in five use FaceBook or other social media Very few use blogs (5%) or podcasts (3%) on a regular basis


22 FAITH Communities TODAY Sample size: 20002010 Catholic Parishes719395 Total congregations14,30011,077 Denominations/4125+ Faith Groups (In 2000: 50% of all congregations had fewer than 100 regularly participating adults (RPA); 6% >1000 RPA; 52% were located in rural / small town settings)

23 FAITH Communities TODAY Parish Location: 20002010 Town <10,000 people 41% 41% or Rural area Cities > 10,000 or 59% 59% Suburbs

24 FAITH Communities TODAY Misc comparisons: 20002010 % of parishes with at least 1 almost 25% 25% Weekend Non-English Mass Parishes with no parish priest 4%6% except for sacraments Average age of pastor/leader 5759

25 FAITH Communities TODAY Our Parish is: 20002010 (Does Very well/(Strongly agree/ Quite well) Agree) Spiritually vital 73%86% and alive Clear mission 56%81% and purpose

26 FAITH Communities TODAY How would you describe your parish’s financial health? 20002010 1995200020052010 (5 years ago)(Currently)(5 years ago)(Currently) Responses “Good” or “Excellent” 47% 68% 43% 40% Responses “Tight but we manage” 33% 25% 31% 40% Responses “Some” to “Serious” “Difficulty” 20% 7% 25% 20%

27 FAITH Communities TODAY Available space: 20002010 Need more space for: Worship 25%15% Parking 50%39% Religious education 50%41% Meetings 45%35% Social gatherings 45%31%

28 FAITH Communities TODAY Change from % In 2000 Up 3% Dn 11% Dn 6% Dn 9% Dn 22%. Dn 1% Dn 17%

29 FAITH Communities TODAY Up 10% Same Up 5% Same. Up 16% Dn 8% Up 10% Up 5% Same Up 2% Same Up 6% Change from % In 2000

30 FAITH Communities TODAY Thank You!

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