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{ THE BILL OF RIGHTS The First Ten Amendments to the United States Constitution.

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1 { THE BILL OF RIGHTS The First Ten Amendments to the United States Constitution

2  Freedom of Religion  Freedom of Speech  Freedom of the Press  The Right to Assemble  The Right to Petition  Exception? The First Amendment

3  The Right to Keep and Bear Arms  Exception? The Second Amendment

4  No Quartering of Soldiers  You cannot be forced to house and feed soldiers  Exceptions? The Third Amendment

5  No Unreasonable Search and Seizure  What does unreasonable mean?  Police must have a warrant in order to search your property The Fourth Amendment

6  FIVE FOR FIVE  Due Process/Right to Grand Jury  Double Jeopardy  Right to Remain Silent/Not Testify Against Yourself  No Punishment Without a Conviction  Eminent Domain: Government cannot take your property without giving you fair payment The Fifth Amendment

7  SIX FOR SIX  Speedy and Public Trial  Trial by Jury of Your Peers  Know Why You Are On Trial (Accusations Against You)  Be At Your Trial and Question Those Who Accuse You  Have Witnesses Support You  Have an Attorney Represent You The Sixth Amendment

8  Amendments 5 and 6 are known as the “Rights of the Accused” Why do you think they are known as this?  Because most people who need these rights are accused of a crime. Rights of the Accused

9  Have a Jury in a Civil Case (Lawsuit) The Seventh Amendment

10  No Excessive Bail or Fine  No Cruel or Unusual Punishment The Eighth Amendment

11  You Have More Rights Than Those Mentioned in the Constitution  Examples? Can you think of rights you have that aren’t mentioned in the Constitution? The Ninth Amendment

12  The right to a basic education  Reproduction rights  The right to marry whomever you choose  The right to travel within the United States  The right to leave the country  The right to select your own profession  The right to refuse unwanted medical treatment  The right of terminally ill patients to die on their own terms  Equal access for individuals with disabilities  Workplace protections  Consumer rights  And many, many more…. 9 th Amendment Examples

13  If it isn’t specifically mentioned in the Constitution, States get to decide for themselves.  Examples? 10 th Amendment

14  Drug Control  Immigration  Marriage Equality  Education Policy  Alcohol Laws  Pretty much everything from the 9 th Amendment  Because the 9 th and 10 th Amendments are so vague there are many disagreements in our government 10 th Amendment Examples

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