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EuroMarine Integration of European Marine Research Networks of Excellence General Assembly, Bremen (DE) January 18-19, 2012.

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1 EuroMarine Integration of European Marine Research Networks of Excellence General Assembly, Bremen (DE) January 18-19, 2012

2 Background 2004-2008: FP6 Networks of Excellences  EUR-OCEANS  MarBEF  MGE 2005: Common priorities identified  Identifying the new scientific challenges for marine sciences  Establishing a European doctoral school  Sharing of scientific facilities  Mobility of personnel 2009: submission of EuroMarine proposal

3 Support Action Project  17 partners representing and linking to all former members of the three NoEs; = 116 institutes and organizations from 29 countries; 1/3 were members in more than one of the NoEs  A 2 year project (Feb 1, 2011-Jan 31, 2013) aiming at a long-term EuroMarine Consortium


5 SWE 1 DEN 4 BEL 6 EST 1 FIN 2 FRA 9 DEU 13 GRC 2 ITA 7 LVA 1 LTU 1 NLD 11 NOR 8 POL 3 PRT 4 RUS 1 SVN 1 ESP 8 CHE 1 TUR 1 UKR 1 GBR 21 ISL 1 MAR 1 TUN 1 DZA 1 ISR 2 ZAF 1 CHL 2 The former NoE members; number of partners per country

6 The Challenge ”From genes to ecosystems and beyond” Many marine research questions can only be answered using a multidisciplinary methodology; genomics and other new emerging technologies integrated with ecological, physical and biogeochemical ecosystem level approaches. Improve the transfer of information From model organisms to environment From experimental systems to a dynamic natural environment

7 Objectives  To integrate (former) EUR-OCEANS, MarBEF and Marine Genomics Europe into one organization, “The EuroMarine Consortium”  To create a roadmap for common programming of research activities,  To create synergies between different scientific fields, moving towards an integrated research strategy and a shared vision for the oceans of tomorrow.  To bring together leading European marine research organizations and their scientists to create a major internationally competitive network.

8 Methodology, project phase To integrate the three marine scientific communities by focusing on activities dealing with  An Integrated Research, Training & Education vision  An Integrated strategy for EuroMarine common services (Data, Infrastructure, Mobility)  The structure & position of EuroMarine in the European Academic Scientific Landscape Set up as 7 work packages

9 Work Packages

10 WP1 – Project Management and Coordination OBJECTIVES 1.To establish the various tasks needed to ensure that all aspects of the project management are covered 2.To implement a management structure able to react efficiently to any kind of administrative or coordinating problem 3.To promote the integration of research within and between the FP6 marine NoEs through efficient communication and collaboration between the partners with the ambition to establish a new group and consortium ethos 4.The setting-up and construction of a durable structure for an integrated network of marine research, especially marine biological research

11 WP2 - Legal work and business plan OBJECTIVES 1.Defining the concepts and demonstrating the tractability of the most suitable governance structure in order to coordinate the activities of the Research Performing Organizations (RPOs, i.e. research institutes and universities) 2.Enabling the long term sustainability of the structure under this governance. This includes opportunities for expanding consortium membership during the course of project and after its completion. 3.Drafting a business plan to facilitate operation and management of the five integrative measures and plan for its long-lasting financial viability

12 WP3 - Marine Research Strategy OBJECTIVES 1.Analyse and synthesize the legacy of the three NoEs. 2.Develop a common goal for research strategy and priorities based on a shared vision for the oceans, regional seas and coasts of tomorrow 3.Adopt recommendations and endorse priorities for joint programming and propose a road map for implementing this vision

13 WP4 – Scientific data integration OBJECTIVES 1.Engage the European marine data management and scientific communities in shaping the long-term integration of data 2.Lead conceptual and technological developments that integrate data and knowledge within and among the fields encompassed in EuroMarine

14 WP5 – Research infrastructures/sites OBJECTIVES 1. To promote the integration and update of available information on marine research infrastructures and sites that can be made available to the marine science community 2. To stimulate the further development of the network of European research and observatory sites including sensors. 3. To improve user access to infrastructures and sites

15 WP6 - Capacity Building (people), training and mobility OBJECTIVES 1. Build bridges in the educational landscape of marine biological sciences in the context of the “new 21st century” marine scientist within and, especially, across disciplines by creating international educational networks (in parallel with international research networks) 2. Develop and plan for advanced multi-level training, including a compulsory mobility scheme for doctoral candidates and post-docs, involving students and scientists from developing countries 3. Demonstrate proof of principle for a fully cross-disciplinary approach to marine sciences education through a cross-discipline seminar series available on the web (Webinars)

16 WP7 - Communication OBJECTIVES 1.To shape the integration process of the three NoEs through the production of specifications for the integration and further development of existing communication, dissemination and outreach capabilities 2.To develop a communication strategy for the future (integrated) Marine network 3.Produce a webpage to communicate between partners and with our community 4.Learning by doing - demonstrators

17 The EuroMarine Consortium Vision A voice for basic marine sciences A platform for cross/multi-disciplinary research and education Aiming operating research programmes & PhD programmes A lobbying structure Providing strategic advice and recommendations, lobbying for specific calls A host for integrated services Providing for and linking to outreach A Register for marine education, infrastucture, databases etc.

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