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February 11, 2014 Steve Peters 480-779-9818 A forum for everyone -- parents, business community, educators, legislators,

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1 February 11, 2014 Steve Peters 480-779-9818 A forum for everyone -- parents, business community, educators, legislators, government officials, community leaders

2 TEDx - 16 year old Jonathan Schenker – Gaming The Educational System - How video games might actually help us learn! You Have to See This Video

3 About Today  Meet incredible AZ Gamification professionals Panel and audience  Learn about Gamification - what it is, and how it is being used in education and the workplace  Discover who's doing research and what the research is showing  Find resources to support your initiatives  Network with colleagues

4 Agenda  Video – “Gaming The Educational System"  Welcome  Pima County Joint Technical Education District - JTED Introduction and Virtual Tour  Panel 1: Dr. Sasha Barab & Dr. Anna Arici  Get Moving With GoNoodle Break  Panel 2: Dr. Kristen DiCerbo & Ben Reichert  Reception, Networking, Exhibits

5 Forum Sponsors Forum Government and Non Profit Partners

6 GAZeL’s Corporate Sponsors Providers Of GAZeL Conferencing Services

7 So, you think that digital games are just for kids, and just for fun. Well we have news for you! Gamification is a Game Changer

8 From game segments in educational programs, to fully immersive experiences, games are going mainstream  Education, eLearning, STEM  Corporate training  Sales and marketing  Innovation  Lots more About Gamification

9 Games In Industry Games are showing up everywhere  Retail  Military  Bio Science  IT Training  Innovation

10 Is Gamification Important? Millions in government and foundation funding to research the impact of games in education  DARPA, the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency invested $12 million in games research for STEM and military training

11 Is It Important  ASU Center for Games And Impact  The Games Learning and Assessment Lab  Lots More

12 Interesting Stats  50% of corporate innovation will be “gamified” by 2015 (Gartner)  70% of 2,000 global organizations will use gamified applications by 2014 (Gartner)  Deloitte, identified gamification as one of its Top 10 Technology Trends for 2012

13 Interesting Stats  Gamification market is forecast to hit $5 billion annually by 2018 (Markets and Markets)  The market for video game advertising will reach $1 billion by 2014 (Massive Incorporated)

14 Is It Effective? Do games really work for business and education? You will hear lots about that from the panel This Is Amazing Gamers playing a protein-folding game called Foldit helped unlock the structure of an AIDS- related enzyme, in just 3 weeks, that the scientific community had been unable to unlock for a decade

15 About GAZeL GAZeL is an alliance of:  Providers and Consumers of eLearning technologies & services  eLearning practitioners  Educators  Related businesses, organizations and institutions Connecting Arizona’s eLearning Community

16 Dual Focus Together, we can position Arizona as a world leader in creating and adopting eLearning technologies & services Dual Focus -- Promote and support …  The development of the eLearning industry  The adoption of eLearning and collaboration technologies in business, government & education

17 Some Things We’ve Done  Annual eLearning CEO Breakfasts  eLearning research workshop  Networking events  Educational Forums  Arizona Leadership In eLearning Conference  eLearning and Collaboration in the Global Economy - Policy and Strategy Summit

18 On Tap for 2014 -15 eNewsletters & email broadcasts On-line eLearning Industry Directory eLearning Roundtable AfterHours Networking Events Education Forums Support eLearning Legislation Arizona eLearning in The Global Economy Summit Collaboration with education initiatives/organizations

19 Get Involved With GAZeL  Become a Corporate Sponsor  Show Your Stuff - Host a Networking Event  Volunteer to support GAZeL's initiatives  Join the GAZeL Board  Become a GAZeL Associate - Opt-in to email list

20 After The Forum Be sure to stay after the Forum for the Reception

21 GAZeL Partners With Summit September 17, 2014 - Phoenix Convention Center  Educational sessions -- networking -- 90+ vendors -- Cocktail reception  Security -- Cloud -- Mobility -- New Technologies  Use the code gazel for a comp registration  Raffle prizes including a trip for 2 to a destination of your choice! (Value up to $2,500) /

22 Intro and Virtual Tour - David Fuller  A public high school district that offers tuition- free Career and Technical Education programs  Animation, game design, graphic and web design, computer maintenance, digital photography, and network technologies are among the many programs offered by JTED. Pima County Joint Technical Education District

23 On With The Program

24  GazeL Board Member  Manager of Herberger Online (ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts)  Founder of Blue Mantis Solutions Moderator Rowan de Faria

25  Dr. Sasha Barab, Director of the ASU Center For Games and Impact Getting Started  Dr. Anna Arici, Learning Scientist, Director of Quest2Teach 3D Game Curricula & Research, ASU Center for Games & Impact

26 Lori Howard, Regional Vice President  Short bursts of physical activity during the school day stimulates learning  GoNoodle interactive physical activity breaks are designed to improve student engagement, behavior and performance. Get Moving With GoNoodle

27 Back To Our Program  Dr. Kristen DiCerbo, Principal Research Scientist at Pearson and a Distinguished Learning Games Scientist with GlassLab (Games Learning and Assessment Lab)  Ben Reichert, CEO at Game CoLab and Abeona Games, and Adjunct Professor at the University of Advancing Technology

28 After The Forum Be sure to stay after the Forum for the Reception

29 Contact GAZeL Steve Peters GAZeL Coordinator 480-779-9818

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