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Study Island Teacher Demo

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1 Study Island Teacher Demo
Welcome to the Island! Study Island Teacher Demo

2 What is Study Island? Study Island is a completely web-based program based solely on our state’s teaching expectations. It is designed to prepare students for criterion referenced state assessments. Because it’s web-based, the only thing you need in order to use the program is an Internet connection and user codes. Study Island uses lessons, practice questions, and explanations to reinforce the concepts and skills that are set forth in the state’s curriculum and taught in the classroom. As a result of mastering these skills, students will score better on the tests.

3 Key Benefits for Teachers
Real Time Reporting Automatic grading and recording Diagnostic report features help to gear teaching toward weaker areas Adjust Student Difficulty Individualize Study Island for different student's ability levels, making it harder or easier to earn Blue Ribbons Restrict students to a certain grade level and hide the grade level for special needs students Multiple Study Modes Choose from Test Mode, Game Mode and Printable Worksheet

4 Key Benefits for Teachers
(cont.) Web Based Learning Allows students to continue working at home for homework or during school vacations Class Manager Create class groupings, class pages and assignments Create New Test Add in your own content to create your own tests Teacher Feedback Message our content team for questions and requested updates to content Live Help

5 Our school’s usernames and passwords are modeled after this format:
How do I log in? Go to Enter your username and password at the top left of your screen The first screen after you login will be the School Stats page. Our school’s usernames and passwords are modeled after this format: USERNAME: <Donna Myrick> PASSWORD: <pw>

6 How do students start studying?
First, students will need to know their login information. On the School Stats page, there is a blue button called “Printable User List”. This contains the login information you will want to pass along to students as they begin. After signing in on Study Island’s home page, students can click on the Subject tab and topic that you wish for them to work on -or- They can work on assignments you create using the Class Manager Feature

7 This is what the students’ grade level screens will look like:
Students click on a subject for a list of topics

8 This is what a Class Page Screen looks like:
To study the assignment, students click on the title! 5. Explain to students that the Class Page screen will be seen only if their teachers have set up classes and assignments for them. Show students the Results area (in red) where they are able to see if they have completed the assignment. Also discuss the envelope icon at the top next to the teacher’s login where students can message questions to their teacher. Continued…

9 Before students study, they decide how they want to test!
Choose the number of questions to be in your test! Go over the features of the Session Options screen. Some important notes are listed below: The number of questions needed to earn a blue ribbon will be the default number that is set in the dropdown box. In order to earn a blue ribbon, students must take at least as many questions as the default. When selecting the printable worksheet, students will not have an answer key. If a teacher prints under her login, there will be an answer key. Continued… Click next to start your session! Click the dropdown box to choose to take game mode or test mode!

10 Test your skills in Test Mode!
Select an answer by clicking on the letter Once you have selected the correct answer, you can get an explanation of the question or go to the next question! 9. This slide illustrates what happens when a student gets an answer correct. If a student gets a question incorrect, the student is able to continue to try to answer the question until he or she reaches the correct answer. If the system detects that a student is randomly guessing at questions, a pop up window will appear, forcing him or her to wait 10 seconds before answering again. Continued…

11 These are just a few…try out all 13!
Games, Games, Games! 10. Build interest in Study Island by showing students several of the options they have in the program. This slide shows some of our most popular games. Game mode sessions are recorded and added to the cumulative score for a topic. Though performance on questions in game mode will affect students scores, it is important to remember that the game mode content is pulled from the same bank that test mode content is pulled from. Remind students that the better they do on the questions in game mode, the more blue ribbons they will earn. continued… These are just a few…try out all 13! **Game settings can be limited so that students must reach a certain percentage within a subject before having access to games.

12 All Study Island topics have a passing goal for students to reach!
How do students earn Blue Ribbons? All Study Island topics have a passing goal for students to reach! The passing goal is made up of two things: the minimum number of questions students must take and a score percentage. For this topic, Place Value, 20 is the minimum number of questions students must take, 75% is what they will need to pass! Blue Ribbons are a great way to build motivation for students! By teaching students how they are scored, students take ownership of their own success. 12. Talk to students about how the Blue Ribbons are based off of all of the scores they accumulate. If a student gets a great score the first time they take a session and earns a Blue Ribbon, the student can lose the ribbon by doing poorly the next time they study. Blue Ribbons are based on the cumulative score for a topic. continued… Students earn Blue Ribbons by reaching the passing goal for each topic.

13 Passing Goal Reminders!
Passing Goals can be adjusted to make it easier or harder to achieve Blue Ribbon Mastery. When a goal is reached, a Blue Ribbon graphic appears. This graphic is clickable to show a Blue Ribbon Award, which can be printed. If a student continually misses the passing goal, a hazard triangle will appear and built in remedial topics may be required. This is a visual clue alerting the student to ask for help and/or work on lower level material to build skills.

14 Class Manager Fun Facts
Study Island enables teachers to group their students into a specific class on the Class Manager page. Why would you want to do this? It makes viewing student progress easier It allows teachers to see class averages It allows teachers to send messages to all students in their class Classes are simply groupings. A student can be in more than one class and, you can create as many classes as you want.

15 Class Manager Fun Facts
(cont.) Once students are separated into classes, teachers have the option of creating a class page that can be used to communicate Study Island assignments to students. Class pages can be set to be the default home page that students see when they login to Study Island. Ms. Dave’s Class Please refer to the Teacher Handout on the HELP tab for detailed directions on how to create classes and assignments.

16 How can I view my students’ stats?
The School Stats page, also the teacher login homepage, is where you will be able to run reports, set them up as automatic s, and review student progress. Data can be run in multiple views Reports can be filtered for specific time periods

17 What types of reports can I run?
The list to the left describes some of our most popular reports. The following reports have been added in addition to our classic reports: Login Report – List of students and their logins for the last 3 months Class Comparison Report – Allows you to compare usage between classes Gradebook Report – new format choice, subject broken down by reporting category More reports are constantly added

18 What if we need help using the program?
Contacting Study Island… By phone: By Live Chat Help Tab Resources… Video Tutorials Documents including Parent Letter, Teacher Handout, Manuals FAQ: Implementation, Features, Tests and Games, Troubleshooting


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