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Building Future with Microsoft Wolfgang Ebermann Vice President Microsoft Central & Eastern Europe 1.

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1 Building Future with Microsoft Wolfgang Ebermann Vice President Microsoft Central & Eastern Europe 1

2 CEE Market 85 % of population has a mobile phone 90 Million installed PCs 1.3 Million Tablets (+125%) Smartphone shipment growing YoY 41 % 180 Million Internet User

3 Ukrainian Market 117% Mobile SIM cards to total population 10.3 Million installed PCs 2.5M PC shipments per year 95K Number of developers in Ukraine 35% Internet penetration

4 Microsoft Is Innovating Around Important IT Trends


6 6 Windows 8

7 A new Metro style UI where touch is a first- class citizen along with full mouse-and- keyboard support 7 New development models built on WinRT, including native support for HTML/CSS/JS, C#/XAML, C++/DirectX Designed from the chipset up for multiple form- factors – tablets, laptops, desktops & all-in-ones Windows reimagined The Windows Store on every device with a full commerce platform and flexibility

8 500M 234M 112M 40 M 13M 247M 152M 30M As of December 2011 Single largest potential market for your apps 8

9 Why Build a Metro Style App? 9

10 Content before chrome – Your app shines and immerses users in your experience 10 Share connects the content of your app to other apps, contacts and social networks, drawing in more users Live tiles engage users and draw them back into your immersive experience Why build a Metro style app? Search surfaces your app and content when it is most appropriate across the whole system Search Share


12 Build apps in the language of your choice using integrated tools in an advanced development environment Collaborate and plan easily and agilely with detailed reporting and charts and get your app to market. Deliver engaging graphical apps and games with Powerful DirectX tools. Use Visual Studio to build your Metro style app Differentiate your app using interactive visual designers to design professional, fast and fluid experiences 12

13 The Windows Store 13 Unprecedented Reach Optimized for Discoverability Transparent Approval Process Flexible Business Models Maximizing Developer Revenue

14 Paid downloads, trials, and in-app purchases. You keep 70% of the first $25k, 80% of the rest 14 Robust analytics for free, including demographics, reviews, referrals, and usage & performance statistics Use your own commerce engine and keep 100% or use the Windows Store’s full commerce platform The Windows Store Advertise with Microsoft Advertising or your preferred ad vendor. Use app or web advertising networks


16 16 Internet Explorer 10

17 Your website shines. Controls appear only when you need them, leaving your site front-and-center 17 Seamlessly connect your website and app experiences through deep-linking and single sign-on Internet Explorer reimagined Integrate with Windows 8 with high-resolution favicons for pinning and touch-optimized design Standards-based markup runs perfectly in a modern, plug-in free, hardware-accelerated browser

18 In Summary Unique Opportunity in Central & Eastern Europe: 90M PC Users 180M Internet Users Smartphone growth > 40%; Tablet growth >1M units in CEE Windows 8: Metro Style – a new User Experience : Available across all Devices – PC, Tablets & new form factors Unique Developer Tools – get started at 18 An amazing 15% of all students in Round 2 of Windows 8 competition come from Ukraine! (3 rd place worldwide, behind only India & China)

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