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Engaging the Multigenerational Workforce Inspire  Transform  Innovate.

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1 Engaging the Multigenerational Workforce Inspire  Transform  Innovate

2 Opportunity Our multigenerational work environment can be a source of positive challenge, opportunity and significant growth if managed effectively and leveraged to meet the business goals of our organization.

3 Agenda Generational workplace influences Generational EAP issues Engagement goals, strategy, expected results

4 The Changing Workforce Generational influences and issues –Values –Attributes –Work styles

5 The Workplace Influence of the Traditional Generation Values –Conformity –Rules –Authority –Logic –Loyalty Attributes –Disciplined –Historical perspective –Detail oriented –Dislike conflict “These are the rules” Work style –Consistency and uniformity –Technological advancement –Past oriented –Command and control leadership –Hierarchical structures

6 The Workplace Influence of Baby Boomers Values –Individual choice –Community involvement –Prosperity –Ownership –Self-actualizing –Health and wellness Attributes –Adaptable –Goal oriented –Positive attitude –Focus on choice and freedom “Let’s talk about the rules” Work style –Confident –Team focused –Collaborative decision makers –Avoid conflict

7 The Workplace Influence of Generation X Values –Contribution –Feedback, recognition –Autonomy –Time with manager Attributes –Adaptable –Independent –Creative “Break all the rules” Work style –High-quality end results –Productive –Work/life balance –Flexible-work arrangements –Comfortable with authority – not impressed with titles

8 The Workplace Influence of Generation Y Values –Self expression –Must earn respect –Fear living poorly –Brand self as commodity Attributes –Adapt rapidly –Crave change, challenge –Create constantly –Exceptionally resilient –Committed, loyal –Global perspectives “Re-define the rules” Work style –Need to understand – everything –View work as an expression of self –Multi-taskers –Seek active involvement –Flexible workplaces –Team work –Expect corporate social responsibility –Everything instant –Seek learning opportunities

9 The EAP Issues of Traditional Generation Workers Financial –Retirement –Long-term care –Managing income and expenses Mental health –Depression Medical issues –Chronic disease from lifestyle choices –Diseases of aging

10 The EAP Issues of Baby Boomers Work/family balance –Child and elder care –Marital/family relationships Financial issues –Savings and debt management –Retirement planning Workplace stress Medical concerns –Lifestyle issues –Chronic illness Substance abuse - Disease progression - Prescription medication abuse

11 The EAP Issues of Generation X Workers Family - Career vs. family - Parenting roles - Frequent job changes Marital/relationship - Commitment - Cohabitation Legal issues –Divorce –Child custody and support Financial issues - One-income families - Savings Mental health issues - Depression - Anxiety - Eating disorders Medical issues - Pregnancy - Smoking-related issues Substance abuse - Marijuana - Alcohol

12 The EAP Issues of Generation Y Workers Family –Communications Marital/relationship –Effective communication –Healthy relationships Legal –Traffic violations –Criminal offenses –DWI –Custody and support Financial –Debt management –Savings –Student and car loans Substance abuse –Binge drinking –Experimentation Mental health –Depression –Anxiety –Appearance of chronic mental illness Medical issues –Pregnancy –Routine medical care –Accidents

13 Engagement Goals Recruitment Retention Employee satisfaction Manager satisfaction Employer of choice

14 Requirements for Success Strong support of senior leadership to ensure viability and attention Commitment from internal communications teams Participation at all levels of the organization Promotion through a variety of media

15 Strategy Engagement task force Mission and guiding principles Communications/promotions Management/employee skill-building training

16 Communications Ongoing electronic and print EAP promotions, matching the preferences of employees On-site skill-building seminars Web-based resources Traditional, telephonic and Web-based EAP coaching Policy review Community involvement and partnerships

17 Measurements Turnover rates Absence rates Accident rates EAP utilization Employee satisfaction Manager/supervisor satisfaction

18 Expected Results Employer of choice Enhanced productivity Increased self-identification for support and prevention Increased rate of referral to the EAP

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