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Body Language Unit 4 Body Language Warming up & reading.

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1 Body Language Unit 4 Body Language Warming up & reading

2 What are they trying to tell us? How are they expressing themselves?

3 Pairwork: You act out the meaning and your partner guesses what you mean. Meaning Action 1 You’re welcome. A smile & handshake. 2 I’m worried. 3 I ate too much. 4 I’m sorry. 5 I’m so happy. 6 I’m very angry. 7 I’m very nervous. 8 I’m tired &sleepy. Twisting hands together or holding head. Patting or rubbing stomach. Hanging head. Smiling, arms open and head back. Hands clasped behind back & glaring eyes. Biting nails & fondling hair. Rubbing eyes & yawning.

4 What’s the purpose of language? Besides language, is there any other way to communicate our ideas or feelings to others? What do you think “body language” means? Can you answer the following questions?

5 Body Language is a form of non-verbal communication. It uses movements or positions of our body to show other people what we are thinking or feeling. It includes body movements, facial expressions, gestures, posture, speaking distance and other non-verbal signals. What is body language?

6 Have a very quick look at the text and answer: (1) What’s the title of the text? (2) Why is there a question mark instead of an exclamation mark behind “No problem”? (3) What do you think the text is about?

7 R ead the text carefully and then answer the following questions. 1. Why are the people visiting China? 2. What parts of the world are not represented by the visitors? They are visiting China because they’re interested in the development of business in China. Africa, Australia and Central America.

8 3. Why is Julia Smith surprised? 4. Why do you move back from Ahmed Aziz? Julia Smith is surprised that Mr Garcia touches her shoulder and kisses on the cheek when they meet. I move back because he comes too close to talk to me.

9 5. What do French people often do when they meet people they know? 6. Is the main character male or female? How do you know? They shake hands & kiss each other twice on each cheek. From the 5 th paragraph we know that there are only two women, one is Julia Smith, the other is Madame Coulon, so the main character must be a man.

10 How do they behave when they meet people they know? Person & countrySuitable greeting a man from Columbia To M: To F: a woman from Britain To M: To F: A man from Japan To M: To F: Touches her shoulder & kisses her on the check. Same as for a woman. Not too close, shakes hands. Shakes hands, will get closer. Bows.

11 Person & countrySuitable greeting a man from CanadaTo M: To F: a woman from FranceTo M: To F: A man from the Middle East or some Muslim countries To M: To F: Shakes hands. Shakes hands or kisses on Both cheeks if known. Shakes hands or kisses twice on the check. Same to someone she knows. Comes close, shakes hands. Nods. How do they behave when they meet people they know?

12 Sum up or draw a conclusion of the text. The questions below may give you some hints. Can we expect people everywhere to act the same? Why? Why do you think we need to study body language? People in different parts of the world don’t act the same. Their body languages vary from culture to culture and may be different because of social background. Learning a foreign language is more than learning the knowledge of the language itself. It is important for us to be aware of the culture difference because it is crucial and indispensable for successful communication.

13 Assignments: Remember the new words and expressions of Unit 4. Do exercises on page 27-29.

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