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Medieval times Welcome to the world of Medieval Times.

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1 Medieval times Welcome to the world of Medieval Times

2 People of the Middle Ages There were many different people in Medieval Times. First there was a king and a queen. They ruled the land of England. Next up, there was a knight. He was an armored horse soldier of the Middle Ages. After that there was a herald. Heralds were the original messengers who wore their lord’s colors. There was also a serf. The serf was a slave of the middle ages who had no rights whatsoever. After him there was a jester. He entertained the king and queen. That is the information about the basic people of the Middle Ages.

3 The Feudal System The Feudal System was the social system based upon mutual obligations between lord and vassal. Obviously the king and queen are at the top of the Feudal System. Next up comes the king’s knights. After that comes the kings heralds. Then we have the pope and the baron. Lastly the people at the bottom of the feudal system are the serfs. That is how part of the feudal system goes.

4 Knights of Medieval Times Knights were the armored horse soldiers of Medieval Times. All noblemen were trained to fight as knights, but knighthood was an honor that had to be earned through skill, courage, and lastly success in battle. If a knight wasn’t at war he might join a team of other knights in a tournament, or may also challenge someone else in single combat. These dangerous “practice” battles offered adventure and the chance to earn prize money for the lucky knight. The armor and horses were expensive. The ideals of chivalry had to be followed by a noble knight. The ideals of chivalry are that a knight had to use his strength to protect the weak, to be courteous and fair, to defend the church, and always to fulfill his oaths.

5 Castles Castles of the Middle Ages were very, very interesting. All of the castles in the Middle Ages were built like any other building. They had a foundation, a structure, and lastly a roof. A castle was very beautiful, with stain glass windows and vintage features. With a castle missing one or two little details it would be okay, but without many different details a castle would just be a regular building. A castle had a drawbridge and a moat just like in stories or plays or even television. There are also a lot of other details including the courtyards, the barracks ( stables below), the well, the gatehouses, the blacksmith’s shop, the curtains, the town wall, and lastly they had apartments. Wow! What a thrill castles were in the Middle Ages.

6 Illuminated Letters Illuminated letters was the writing of the Middle Ages. Illuminated letters were letters that had pictures inside of them that began with the letter they were in. For example K is for king. Illuminated letters were used by monks while they were studying. When the monks used illuminated letters they would make the first letter of the page, paragraph, or chapter. All of the books of the Middle Ages were hand-written by the nuns and the monks. It would take years for the nuns and monks to publish the books because of making the spine, cover, and backing. Also writing with illuminated letters took a long time because they needed to print the letter and the picture perfectly. Those are the basic facts about Illuminated Letters.

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