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The Electric Vehicle Technology Roadmap for Canada ABVE – 2009 11 10.

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1 The Electric Vehicle Technology Roadmap for Canada ABVE – 2009 11 10

2 Outline About EMC Some Canadian facts About Technology Roadmaps The EV Technology Roadmap

3 What is EMC Electric Mobility Canada is a national membership–based not-for-profit organization dedicated exclusively to the promotion of electric mobility as a readily available and important solution to Canada’s emerging energy and environmental issues. 3

4 EMC membership Categories Voting Members Industry (OEM’s, Supply Chain & Consultants) Energy Providers (Provincial and local) End Users (Private and public fleets) NGO’s Research Centres, Labour Non Voting Members Supporters Associates (Government Agencies)

5 EMC Board of Directors Elected by the Voting Members

6 Canada

7 Some Canadian Statistics Population 33.5 million (80% in urban areas) Gross Domestic Product – 1.27 trillion $ 10 provinces & 3 territories Population per sq. km. Canada – 3 USA – 30 Brazil - 22

8 Canadian Transportation Data Total vehicle registrations - 28,466,275 Total road motor vehicle registrations - 21,087,014 Vehicles weighing less than 4500 kilograms - 19,612,935 Vehicles weighing 4500 kilograms to 14999 kilograms - 490,147 Vehicles weighing 15000 kilograms or more - 332,873 Buses - 84,163 Motorcycles and mopeds - 566,894 Trailers - 5,527,800 Off-road, construction, farm vehicles - 1,851,460

9 The governance of transportation in Canada Federal Government Vehicle safety standards Fuel consumption regulations Building and Electrical codes Provincial Governments On road regulations Vehicle modification regulations Building and Electrical codes

10 Canadian Auto Industry – 2007 data (some downward changes in last 2 years) Eight largest in the world Light Duty vehicles 12 assembly plants Produces 2.5 million annually Exports 90% - mainly to USA Heavy Duty Vehicles 25 low volume assembly plants Produces 74,000 vehicles annually Exports 86 % - mainly to USA

11 Canadian Auto Parts Industry 650 establishments 92,000 employees Exports 62% - mainly to USA

12 Canada’s EV Industry – all modes 29 companies in vehicle manufacturing and assembling 25 companies in EV components 7 distributors 3 integrators/converters 5 utilities involved in EV demos 22 research centre with EV activities

13 Canada’s Electricity Supply by Source

14 What is a Technology Road Map? A Technology Roadmap (TRM) concept is a consultative process that is designed to help industry, its supply-chain, academic and research groups, and governments come together to jointly identify and prioritize the technologies needed to support strategic R&D, marketing and investment decisions. These technologies will be of critical importance to an industry in the next five to ten years. 14

15 A partnership between:

16 The Steering Committee CHAIR:VICE-CHAIR:

17 Roadmap Objectives Encourage the rapid adoption of EVs for passenger and commercial transport markets in Canada through appropriate regulations, incentives, infrastructure and education/awareness. Develop the EV industry in Canada in areas where Canada has a competitive advantage. Power these vehicles with new green electricity.

18 The Process Vision meeting – Ottawa – June 26, 2008 User Needs Meeting – Montreal – Sept 11 Technology Responses – Vancouver – Nov. 4 Validation – Toronto – Nov. 25 Report writing - to August 09

19 The Vision By 2018, in addition to Hybrid Electric Vehicles, there will be at least 500,000 other highway capable – plug in electric drive vehicles on the road in Canada. These vehicles will have increased Canadian content over current 2008 internal combustion engine vehicles.

20 Expected Performance of EV’s To be the same as existing vehicles (including heating and air-conditioning standards) Environmental performance to be measured by grams of equivalent CO 2 per km travelled.

21 The key recommendations 1.Make timely and substantial investments in Canadian development and manufacture of EVs and energy storage devices to build on Canada’s already strong presence in these industries. 2.Consider supplementing federal and provincial mechanisms to promote the development, public acceptance, and procurement of personal and commercial EVs, and also the installation of charging infrastructure. 3.Reconstitute the Steering Committee as a Roadmap Implementation Committee charged with ensuring that the strategic initiatives identified in the Roadmap are addressed.

22 Strategic Initiatives flowing from the recommendations Technology – 4 Codes, standards, regulations and infrastructure readiness – 5 Studies and assessments – 10 Education and outreach - 2

23 Initiatives deal with: Financial incentives to early adopters Financial support to EV industry Improvements in energy storage Regulations, Codes and Standards Converting existing fleets Grid Capacity and Impacts New Business Models Education and Outreach

24 Emission Reductions

25 What consumers want – a US study

26 SAE Charging Standards

27 Gasoline costs compared to battery and electricity costs in two scenarios

28 Impact on the Electrical Grid Expected loading – for the vision - will not likely require new generation capacity for 20+ years (charged at night).

29 Expected evTRM Benefits Closer collaboration between industry and governments. Acceptance at highest political levels that EVs make imminent sense for Canada and that Canada has unique assets with which to lead in EV developments. Acceleration of supportive policies, programs needed. Canadians become convinced of the merits of EVs. Reduced emissions and import of fossil fuels.

30 Timely Implementation is critical EMC has identified its team for the Implementation Committee. EMC has identified needed actions, actors, timelines and performance indicators for each of the initiatives. EMC expects rapid and appropriate response from the Gov’t of Canada and other levels.

31 Current Status evTRM officially unveiled Sept 29 th. Copies of report available at www.emc- mec.cawww.emc- EMC asked by Gov’t of Canada to submit a proposal to manage the implementation phase. Work expected to start in late November

32 Canadian Strengths Electricity from renewable sources A growing EV industry coast to coast Raw materials for batteries

33 Thank you for your attention Obrigado pela sua atenção

34 Thank you Contact:

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