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Brings together 7 programmes in the fields of education, training and youth under a single heading.

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1 Leargas.Ireland@Leargas

2 Brings together 7 programmes in the fields of education, training and youth under a single heading

3 Focus on FIELDS (previously sectors)… namely: - A DULT E DUCATION (AE) aka Grundtvig - H IGHER E DUCATION (HE) aka Erasmus - S CHOOL E DUCATION (SE) aka Comenius - V OCATIONAL E DUCATION AND T RAINING (VET) aka Leonardo … in addition to Y OUTH and S PORT

4 Communication on Priorities Framework for Cooperation Growth Strategy Policies, Frameworks and Priorities ET 2020 …a new strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training Europe 2020 …a strategy for smarter, more sustainable and more inclusive growth Rethinking Education …a Commission Communication that confirms education and training as a vehicle for growth

5 Basic Skills Information & Guidance High quality learning opportunities Adult educators’ competences Adult Education Field Priorities Validation of non-formal and informal learning Innovative outreach and delivery New technologies Evaluating the effectiveness of adult education policies

6 K EY A CTION 1: Learning Mobility of AE Staff K EY A CTION 2: Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices


8 Social and Health Education Project Quality Assurance / Management of Staff Curriculum Development for Personal Development training New teaching Methods in Social Education Staff competence for Community Outreach education Finland, Sweden, UK, Netherlands Expected Impact; Improved Trainer/tutor effectiveness, quality of learning experience, course curricula, staff morale and European dimension This is a 2 year project sending staff to training on;


10 Drama for Change This 3 year project aims to develop a training curriculum to provide adult educators with the skills to work using creative processes with young people and adults to promote social inclusion, gender equality and anti racism. Testing and Piloting x 75 trainers x 25 stakeholder organisations in each country Toolbox of resources To complement the curriculum and support adult educators bringing techniques into the classroom. Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, Germany and Bulgaria

11 2016 Deadlines Sign up to our website newsletter Sign up E+ Information sessions Autumn 2015 E+ Application workshops 2016 Leargas.Irel and @Leargas

12 What is EPALE… The Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe is a multilingual site for Adult Learning Practitioners (teachers, trainers, researchers, organisers, policy makers, and anyone else with a role in adult learning).

13 Why is there EPALE… Born out of the need expressed by Grundtvig stakeholders It aims is to improve the quality of adult learning provision across Europe by providing a space for discussions, resource sharing and networking.

14 Who is using EPALE... 6300 followers on Twitter2000 likes in Facebook6499 visitors monthly3500 registered usersApprox 75 users in Ireland

15 What is there now... 924 resources 280 events and courses 110 news items 35 blog posts Thematic areas and subheadings

16 Some examples… Blogs

17 Some examples…Resources

18 Discussion forums and closed groups Partner search function (trials) Other functionalities suggested by users* What is coming soon…

19 What now… Please register, spread the word & see how it works… Users must be registered to receive updates, leave comments and upload materials. /en/user/register

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