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Imperialism U.S. History.

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1 Imperialism U.S. History

2 Definition of Imperialism
Imperialism occurs when a strong nation takes over a weaker nation or region and dominates its economic, political, and/or cultural life.

3 Age of Imperialism The Age of Imperialism was roughly the mid- 1800s to early-1900s European nations sought to gain new colonies and the United States eventually followed. Imperialists used ideas of racial, national and cultural superiority to justify their actions

4 Causes of Imperialism Economic Motives Nationalism
The Industrial Revolution created a demand for raw materials and new markets Nationalism Extreme pride in one’s country, nations wanted to demonstrate their power to the rest of the world

5 Causes of Imperialism Balance of Power White Man’s Burden
Nations needed to acquire colonies in order to compete with their neighbors White Man’s Burden European sense of superiority made them feel obligated to “civilize the heathen savages” they encountered.

6 Imperialism in America
America was “discovered” by Europeans who were practicing an early form of imperialism. Expansionism In the early 19th century, Americans began to expand west. Much of the land west of the Mississippi River was either undeveloped or under Spanish control.

7 Imperialism in America
Manifest Destiny Term used to describe United States expansion west. During the 19th century the term “manifest destiny” was used to justify the annexation of Texas, Oregon, New Mexico and California.

8 American Empire Monroe Doctrine
Policy stating that European nations may not seek colonies in the western hemisphere. Latin America resented the “big brother” behavior of the United States.

9 American Empire During the Age of Imperialism, the U.S. sought control of territories in the Pacific and Latin America.

10 American Imperialism Today
Today some feel the U.S. foreign policy is based upon imperialistic ideas Today the United States has military bases in 36 different countries The U.S. has also sought to control weaker nations economically. Making weak nations dependent on the U.S.

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