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Low Proton Energy Running. Adiabatic damping and aperture limitations.

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1 Low Proton Energy Running

2 Adiabatic damping and aperture limitations

3 Proton beam-beam Tuneshift

4 Electron Beam Size Matching


6 Electron Beam-Beam Tune shift

7 Lumi-scaling with Energy

8 First simple Version Protons of 460GeV with Positrons of 27.5GeV Concept: Do not touch the positron magnets in the IR Thus the e+ IR trajectory as in standard running Increase Beta functions and emittances by a factor of two Minimize distance between p beam envelope and GM Mirror plate Move all proton magnets GM-QR10

9 Beam Optics xp =4.9m xe = 1.20m yp =0.36m ye = 0.52m Np =16 mm xe = 40nm ye = 6 nm e-Quadrupoles within 40m of IP not changed Proton Optics


11 Beam-Beam Tuneshift

12 Proton Trajectories for 920GeV and for 460 GeV

13 Magnet Positions for 920GeV and 460GeV Proton Trajectories 460GeV Magnet Axis Positions 920GeV Magnet Axis Positions

14 Top View 460GeV/27.5GeV proton /positron trajectories

15 2 nd Iteration Reduce GM magnets in strength and leave all p-magnets in the nominal proton- positron/electron positions Positron Lattice unchanged, positron IR quads unchanged Positron optics in the arc: assume 60 degree positron/proton IP (-7.5mm radially) Optical Parameters: xp =4.9m xe = 1.20m yp =0.36m ye = 0.52m Np =16 mm xe = 40nm ye = 6 nm


17 IR Top View P-Magnets: Nominal positron/electron positions E-Magnets: Nominal positron positions

18 IR Top View Close-up

19 All p-magnets are now at nominal positions P-magnets axis GM GM GN GN GN GA GB GB GB9 QR QR QR QR ~4mm P-Trajectory IP

20 P-Optics


22 Effort to readjust magnets Discussion with surveillers für die vorgeschlagene "Lösung 2" mit einer Justage von 3-4 Magneten habe ich die folgenden Zeiten kalkuliert: Aufmaß: 3-4 Standpunkte pro Seite (NR,NL,SR,SL) x 4 = 12-16 Std. Justierung von 3 Magneten x 4 = 12 Std. Kontrollaufmaß = 12 Std. Gesamt = 36 - 40 Std. bei Einsatz von zwei Trupps ergibt sich ein Aufwand von 18-20 Stunden. Spaeter geht es wahrscheinlich etwas fixer, so daß es in knapp zwei Tagen geschafft würde.

23 To Do List until PRC in May Match p Optics for left hand side IR (Bernhard/Alexander) Design trajectories for right hand side IR (Joachim) ok Positron Optics with 40nm (Mathias) Explore alternative p-Optics with larger Lumi: GM weaker, GN-1 GN-2 stronger (factor 2), GA stronger, 2 nd GN8 off, need GN9, QR10,QR14? (Ferdinand) done Exact Calculation of e and p trajectories with Mike Seidels program (refine Magnet positions if needed) and generate magnet position lists, BPM offsets etc…(Joachim) ok Recalculate SR deposition (Boris) for the case the GMs are moved Check to which extend magnets can be moved (April 5) (Michael/Peter) this Friday Discuss with surveillers, make schedule (Michael/Ferdinand) in progress Lumimonitor Acceptance (Uwe/Guenther) no problem for 2 nd version without moving GM Check nonlinear Field Errors for protons in Low Beta Quadrupoles mainly GA correction coil settings for off-axis trajectories ok Write Low Proton Energy Running Report (all)

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