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Big Brother/Big Sister Program of Austin. The Problem In order to properly serve Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS), we must evaluate methodologies, explain.

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1 Big Brother/Big Sister Program of Austin

2 The Problem In order to properly serve Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS), we must evaluate methodologies, explain the data collected and offer recommendations for future and promotional efforts given the budget constraints.

3 Agenda Consider the critical factors Evaluate previous research methodology What does the data tell us? What do we recommend? Conclusion Questions

4 The Critical Factors BBBS is a nonprofit organization with limited funds that only allows for small advertising budget. Its advertising message lacks focus BBBS does not want to spend any more money on PSAs

5 The Critical Factors (cont….) Popular misconception of the type of children enrolled in the program Poor program portrayal of the Big Brother/Sister role Insufficient amount of volunteers, specifically male

6 The Critical Factors (cont….) In order to properly set goals and evaluate past programs, BBBS commissioned a local research firm to suggest problems and opportunities to the board. Ineffective overall research methods

7 The Critical Factors (cont….) Although public misconceptions were identified through research, the board of directors did not want to change the existent public service announcements.

8 Evaluation of Methodology Focus Groups Strengths Discovers the program’s public perception Offers qualitative information Provides starting point for further research

9 Evaluation of Methodology Focus Groups Limitations: Can not be projected to general population Moderator biases Program’s diversity is not represented accurately in focus group participants Not enough focus groups conducted

10 Evaluation of Methodology Telephone Questionnaire Strengths: Provides quantitative information on several subjects Questions well structured Questions arranged in logical order Offers large range of information

11 Evaluation of Methodology Telephone Questionnaire Limitations Respondent external factors (i.e.. Increased wear-out, absence, multitasking) Facilitator biases Too long Lack of tailoring of survey to respondent Target audience should be better focused- Instead of random dialing the questionnaire participants, it would be more effective if a screening process were enacted in order to offer more effective

12 The Story Data shows the participating kids are incorrectly seen as hoodlums, therefore not desirable. Perception of Big Brothers and Big Sisters as substitute parents which is contrary to BBBS’s purpose Contradicting perception of the ideal volunteer as a college student with no spare time Overestimates concerning the amount of time, money, effort involved

13 The Story (cont…) Message is vague, melancholy, lacks focus and a target audience Cross-sex matching elicited a mixed response. Although most didn’t find a problem with it, matching Big Brothers with Little Sisters received negative reactions and vice versa. Among top concerns were molestation fears and femininity worries.

14 Recommendations Research Focus Groups Conduct a focus group of current members and ask for recommendations on how to spark interest in potential volunteers Develop stricter screening process to ensure a diverse focus group If budget allows, conduct more focus groups to get a better sample of population

15 Recommendations Research Survey If budget allows, conduct additional survey specifically for current members to help form message Shorten questionnaire with focused questions geared towards issues raised by data illustration

16 Recommendations Research Additional Research if budget allows In-depth Interviews with Big Brother/Sister and Little Brother/Sister to generate campaign ideas

17 Recommendations Promotion Message All new PSAs should focus on friendship, excitement and cheer vs. parenting Reposition kids as kids not criminals Must include a call to action Tone Not overdramatic No dark appeals such as fear, loneliness, or sadness

18 Recommendations Promotion Events To reach a large audience, hold events with sponsors and affiliates to raise awareness of new brand image.

19 Recommendations Targeting Target your messages towards niche markets Participation as part of degree requirements for education and social work majors Negotiate partnership with teach for America hopefuls Churches as additional point of contact for advertising and recruitment Continue corporate sponsorships and develop a climate of cooperation with their employees

20 Conclusion In conclusion, after evaluating BBBS’s current research methods and findings, we suggest a two-fold strategy involving the refinement of current research efforts and launching new, inexpensive techniques in order to collect more conclusive data. With left over budget, the new BBBS campaign should focus on motivation and friendships with an up-beat tone.

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