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The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald 1925.

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1 The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald 1925

2 Anticipation guide 1. When one comes by wealth illegally, he or she is very likely to pay for it in the end. 2. People who live in big cities in Eastern America are sophisticated, while people who live in Midwestern cities are simple and innocent. 3. It is no longer possible to attain the American Dream (to amass a fortune without compromising traditional moral values). 4. If you truly love another person long enough, you will eventually have a life together. 5. There is no difference between a family that has been wealthy for generations and one that was poor until just recently (old money vs. new money). 6. Money cannot buy happiness.

3 Anticipation guide  7. Anything you can do to “get ahead” in life or better your situation is acceptable.  8. You can and should only be in love with one person your whole life.  9. Reality is what we make of it.  10. Once the past is gone, you can never get it back.  11. If you have unintentionally done wrong, you should not have to be responsible for your actions.  12. A person’s behavior, occupation, and apparel are good indicators of what kind of a person he is.

4 Anticipation guide Reveals major themes
Hope Success Ignorance Judgment Disillusionment Morality These themes are implied rather than stated Characters, setting, situations

5 Modernism Disillusionment with traditions and old values
Modernism Element Seen in the play? Why/why not? Example from play if applicable Disillusionment with traditions and old values Automobiles make travel convenient Emphasis on leisure and party time Concern with making money Concern with spending money Alcohol, once prohibited, becomes a way of life The Jazz Age Prejudices Disparity in wealth Fragmentation Implied theme Emphasis on material goods

6 Symbolism Weather Settings Objects Characters Colors
(revealing “modern life”) Characters (names) Colors (on characters, surrounding characters)

7 Narrative Structure Reliability of narrator Flashbacks

8 Background “The Jazz Age” and “The Lost Generation” Glamorous life—
Married Zelda Sayre “Internationally celebrated couple” Stock Market Crash 1929 “The Party is Over”

9 Setting 1922 (most of the action) with some flashbacks sprinkled in for good measure Gold Coast (North Shore—Long Island) West Egg (Great Neck) prosperous but pedigreed East Egg (Sands Point) blue blooded family homes

10 Read chapter 1 and fill out study guide
Homework Read chapter 1 and fill out study guide

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