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The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The Characters.

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1 The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

2 The Characters

3 Nick Carraway  Narrator of the novel  30-- graduated from Yale in New Haven  Served in WWI  Bond salesman in New York City  Lives in West Egg on Long Island  Cousin of Daisy

4 Daisy Buchanan  Nick’s cousin  Lives in East Egg  Romantically involved with Gatsby before she married Tom  Rich, spoiled, and troubled

5 Jordan Baker  Daisy’s friend  Professional golfer  Met Gatsby earlier  Romantically involved with Nick  A cheat and a flirt

6 Tom Buchanan  Daisy’s husband  30 years old  Wealthy and violent  Graduated from Yale  Knew Nick in college  Has a mistress-- Myrtle Wilson

7 Myrtle Wilson  Tom’s mistress  Married George because she thought he was a “gentleman”  Takes on new life when with Tom

8 George Wilson  Myrtle’s husband  Not the “gentleman” she thought she married  Owns a car repair shop  Interested in one of Tom’s cars  Valley of Ashes

9 Jay Gatsby  Lives in mansion next to Nick on West Egg  James Gatz  Racketeering, boot- leging,  Romantically involved with Daisy before  World War I  Oxford University

10 Chapter 3: Review u Gatsby= very wealthy What are some of the things that represent his wealth? u What kind of people come to Gatsby’s parties? u What are some of the stories we hear about Gatsby? u Is Gatsby a phony?

11 Chapter 4 u Who is Klipspringer? u What does Gatsby actually tell Nick about himself? Why is this significant? u Who is Meyer Wolfsheim? What does he contribute to the story?

12 Gatsby Review

13 Chapter 5 ~Setting up the meeting  why is Nick so upset?? ~Daisy meets Gatsby @ Nick’s House ~The Reconciliation  Gatsby begins his pursuit ~The illusion of Daisy

14 Chapter 6 u Who is Jay Gatsby??? James Gatz From North Dakota Worked for Dan Cody Aversion to Alcohol u The Party at Gatsby’s Tom attacks Gatsby u Gatsby shares his feelings “you can repeat the past!”

15 Gatsby Review Chaper 7-9

16 Chapter 7 u Gatsby dismissed staff u Nick “something was up” u Pammy Daisy seems non-maternal u Heat = Confusion u Tom’s realization Investigating Gatsby Losing everything “Let Mr. Nobody from Nowhere make love to your wife!”

17 Chapter 8 u The Dream is shattered! u Gatsby’s truth u “They’re a rotten crowd. You’re worth the whole damn bunch put together!”

18 Chapter 9 u Paying homage to Gatsby 2 year delay! u The funeral

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