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Staff Induction Occupational Health and Safety Nick Giles OHS Manager.

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1 Staff Induction Occupational Health and Safety Nick Giles OHS Manager

2 Attitudes to Being Injured Bad luck Fate Injuries are caused by being careless Haven’t been injured before so unlikely to happen in the future Most people think it wont happen to them OHS Says that every injury is preventable

3 OHS Policy Vision Australia will provide and maintain, a safe and healthy workplace for all staff, volunteers, clients, visitors and contractors.

4 OHS Legislation Duties of the employer Provide a safe work place Provide and maintain safe plant / equipment Arranging safe systems of work when working with plant and substances Provide adequate facilities for the welfare of employees Provide such information, instruction, training and supervision to employees to enable the employees to work in a safe manner

5 OHS Legislation Duties of the employee Take reasonable care for your own safety the safety of others. Co-operate with the employer on OHS. Not wilfully or recklessly interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interests of health safety or welfare Not wilfully place at risk the health or safety of any person at the workplace.

6 Issue Resolution Procedure Identified safety issue Tell your manager Tell your safety rep Ask OHS Dept for help OHS Committee / Team Meeting Call regulator (Worksafe, Workcover, WHS) Resolved

7 Reporting Hazards and Incidents We cant fix it if we don’t know about it We have a no blame attitude towards reporting Identifies trends Reporting hazards – fix the hazard before it causes an injury Please - Report, Report, Report!

8 Safety Hazards in Your Workplace Manual handling – lifting, pushing, pulling, postures, ergonomics  Injuries to the back, neck, shoulder, joints Slip / Trip / Fall – all people are prone to this Driving – a lot of VA staff are on the road Impacts – people running into things

9 What’s Wrong with This Picture Identify what is wrong with the picture? How could this be done safely?


11 Safety Resources Incident / Hazard Report OHS documents on the intranet OHS Representative / Facilities / Information Services Group / OHS Manager Other staff Protective equipment

12 Take Care for People Who are Blind or of Low Vision Walk slowly around the workplace Take care when moving around corners – take a wide path Take care when moving through doorways Doors should be fully open or fully closed Push chairs in

13 Contractors All trade and maintenance contractors must report to facilities before beginning work

14 Standards Have your own standards, if others are working unsafely – doesn’t mean you have to Please help us to achieve a high standard of safety at Vision Australia

15 Induction Tasks to be Completed Local Induction – Induction Checklist  Where are the fire escapes  Who is the OHS Rep, first aider, warden  Where is the hazard / incident report form  Local safe work procedures  Manual handling aids

16 If You Are Injured Seek first aid Notify your manager / supervisor Complete an incident report Worker’s Compensation Claim OHS will help you with the claim process

17 Return to Work The modern approach is to get the injured staff member back to work as soon as possible We can find duties suitable for your medical condition Slowly increase your hours / days until you’re back to normal


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